Optimize Your Workout Program with Over 4,000 Unique 3D Strength Training Videos!

Includes Strength Training Exercises & Stretches

Muscle&Motion’s most popular app contains a very rich, visual, professional, and regularly-updated knowledge base.
It includes: strength & stretching exercises for each muscle in the human body with very detailed and deep visual analysis using 3D animations; musculoskeletal anatomy; and theory on techniques, methods, and mechanics related to the movement of the human body.

Strength Training App Includes:

• More than 4000 3D Strength Training videos.
• 3D Functional Training Anatomy
• 3D Core Training Anatomy
• Common Mistakes for each Exercise!
• And much more…

The Subscription Includes access on ALL devices:
iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Android Mobile, PC, MAC.

New Videos Available (Feb 2018).

New Videos Available (Jan 2018).

New! iPhone + Android versions.

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New Videos Available
– How to Low Bar Squat With Mark Rippetoe!
– Biceps Curl (straps)
– Hip Extension / Kickback
– And more…


App Reviews

New Videos Available (August 2017)
We are excited to announce a new update that adds audio to our app!
Moving forward all new videos will include voice-over explanations of the content.
The video archives will be gradually updated with this new feature as well.

– Rotator Cuff Exercises with Mike Boyle!
– ‘Locked Long’ Muscle – Anatomy Trains!
– Eccentric Exercises.
– Active Insufficiency and Strength Training.


New Videos Available (July 2017)
– How can we better target the superior portion of the gluteus maximus?

– What is a ‘locked-short’ muscle?

– Length-Tension Relationship

– The side-lying clam exercise


New Videos Available (June 2017)
– The Problem With Prolonged Sitting.

– The Single-Dumbbell Overhead Squat
– High Cable Biceps Eccentric Curls


New Videos Available (May 2017)
– Active myofascia vs. Inactive myofascia, created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.

– Overhead Exercises and Thoracic Mobility
– Open and Closed Kinetic Chain
– Hip Hike


New Videos Available (Apr 2017)

– New and unique video of Forward Head Posture created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.

– Stability Cable Press Progression with Mike Boyle!

– Anatomy Trains – The Lateral Line



New Videos Available (March 2017)

A unique cooperation between Mike Boyle and Muscle&Motion brings you unique video content to further your education and understanding of functional training.

More in this update:
– New and unique chapter of ‘Anatomy Trains’ created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.

– Battle Ropes Workout with www.cavemantraining.com

– Medicine-Ball Staggered-Stance Chest Throw


New Videos Available (Feb 2017) 

– Muscle&Motion Strength Training is proud to release a new and unique chapter of ‘Anatomy Trains’ created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.
Learn now about the Superficial Front Arm Line and the Back Functional Line, the fifth in a series of anatomical trains.


Musculoskeletal Anatomy Section:


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Features list

3D Anatomical Analysis of Strength Exercises

Show trainees which muscles are stimulated during exercise, and illustrate perfect form and technique. Learn crucial nuances for every exercise through our unique library of educational videos.

New: Movement analysis for 100 new exercises.
We give you everything you need to know about every exercise. Over 550 exercises, over 4500 videos!
You don’t only get a video for each exercise. We also show you what not to do, the risks of injuries, how the muscles work in the exercise with a look inside the muscles, and lots of small nuances that make a big difference in exercises.

The exercise bank is updated every month!

“Common Mistakes” Videos

Clearly show clients how common mistakes in training may affect them.

Categories included:

– Dos & Don’ts videos in training
– Injury Prevention
– Causes of common limitations

You asked for it… and we delivered: Now you can show your clients which mistakes they make, what might harm them and the correct way to do it.

Bring your iPad/tablet to the gym. All you need is an Internet connection.

Stretching Anatomy Videos

Gain a detailed understanding of exactly how each stretch affects your body with our enhanced video selection.

We added new stretches with an anatomical analysis for each.
In addition to extensive information about each stretch you can also show your clients how you are helping them and overcoming their muscular imbalance.

New: Core Training Anatomy

Learn the theory and secrets behind Core Training.
Watch special videos containing more than one hour of footage!

  • Function of the core muscles
  • The pelvic floor muscles
  • Exercises to maintain proper pelvic position
  • Neuromuscular control
  • Ideal postural alignment
  • Abdominal bracing
  • 3D Exercises with common mistakes!
  • And much more!

New: Functional Training Anatomy

In response to your requests, we added functional exercises used in weightlifting and straps workouts.

Exercises already included in the program: Clean, hang-clean, power-clean, deadlift, front squat, goblet squat, snatch, kneeling squat and more…

Each exercise includes anatomical analysis of the active muscles, kinesiological analysis and characteristic mistakes!

We added lots of new exercises using STRAPS!
Now you can also watch the anatomy of functional training using straps. 

3D Anatomy of the Muscular System

The ‘Muscle&Motion – Strength Training app’ contains the entire
‘Muscle&Motion – Anatomy’ app as well as additional chapters! 

Watch 2000+ unique videos of all muscles in the human muscular system –  in 3D. This section demonstrates the connection points and movements that every muscle performs in fascinating animations. In addition to viewing each muscle separately, it is possible to see the whole model while removing or returning layers.

3D Anatomy of the Skeletal System

View the skeletal system in 3D, rotate each bone up to 360 degrees and learn all the areas that are located on each bone, including the connection points to the different muscles. It is possible to get to each muscle with a simple click on the connection points.

3D Kinesiology

Watch a whole chapter on the movements that every joint performs, including all the muscles that perform each movement, as they work together.

Each movement includes several video segments that present all the muscles from different angles. This will help you truly understand how each joint works!

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