Hip Hinge – Exercise Analysis

Hip Hinge – Exercise Analysis

The Hip Hinge is one of the most important exercises for trainees to learn before starting squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings and for general, proper day-to-day movement. Using a dowel rod and a wall, have the trainee stand a foot’s length from the wall, holding the rod against the body in three points: head, thoracic spine, and sacrum. […]

Suspended Atomic Push-up

Watch this video to see what an atomic push up looks like under the skin. For full access to over four thousand other Muscle&Motion videos, please sign up for free:    

Lifting Injury Risk, Stiff-Leg Deadlift and more new videos

New videos from Muscle&Motion: Lifting injury risk Thruster anatomy Shoulder flexion assessment Stiff-leg deadlift with hip rotation Are you sure you’re safe from injury risk? Check our video to become more confident and to protect yourself from injury. See how learning the thruster anatomy will help you to get a great posture and avoid the […]

Biceps Brachii Muscle – Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Watch the biceps brachii muscle in motion with our Dumbbell Concentration Curl animated video. See how the biceps brachii muscle expands and contracts during this exercise. I am uploading the following video fully and freely (it is also included in the Muscle&Motion Strength Training app). Please share this video to every trainer and trainee that you […]

Scapular Force Couple – Watch Simulation of Muscles Working Together

We are here to help each other, and so are the muscles in our body. Watch this video to see how the muscles cooperate and work together. They each have the ability to pull from their own side. Watch how together they perform the scapular upward rotation.

Over-Head Squat and More Exercises – Anatomical and Kinesiological Analysis

How to do an over head squat: Wide grip on the bar. Bar moves over the middle of the foot. Keep core engaged to maintain lumbar curve. Common problem: Restricted ankle dorsiflexion. Shoulder pain during pull-ups: Do you have shoulder or elbow pain during pull ups or lat pull down? The Kettlebell Swing Set up […]

Clean Anatomy and Kinesiology Video

Of all the exercises I have analyzed, this one was the the most complicated by far! Now you can view the muscular system behind the CLEAN exercise and see the results for yourself.  

Strength Training Exercise Previews – Unique Nuances

Our Strength Training app includes over 400 exercises, including the ones featured below: Squats Narrow-grip push ups Suspended push up and crunch Straps push up Lat pull-downs to the chest Behind the neck barbell shoulder press For full access to over four thousand Muscle&Motion videos, please sign up on our website: www.muscleandmotion.com