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Hip lateral rotators muscles

In our new video you will be able to learn about the assessment of hip flexors length. Thomas Test shows great animation and explanation of new generation learning methods. Here you can find more about anatomy, strength and stretching as regards hip lateral rotator. You can also analyse seated hip horizontal abduction and gluteus maximus […]

Piriformis Stretch

Updated Nov 03, 2013 – Piriformis Stretch – The functional relationship between: Hip joint – Pelvis – Lumbar region | Part 01 – Peroneals stretch – Bridge exercise (anatomical analysis)

Sit-Ups Analysis Video

This exercise can be divided into two movement parts. In the first part we see flexion of the spine. In the second part, movement shifts from the spine to flexion of the trunk through the hip joint. As you remember, the hip flexors are attached to the femur and pull the thigh up through the […]