Thank you 100,000 likes on FACEBOOK.

Thank you 100,000 likes on FACEBOOK.

We are happy to know that we bring new emotions, ideas and knowledge into your life.

We got 100,000 likes on Facebook and it means you believe us. Thank you! We will strive to collect more and more interesting and useful information for you. All videos created by us are full of depth and constant developments for your self-improvement. Besides strength training, muscular anatomy, common mistakes and best exercises you can also find such interesting information in this video about:

  • Cable Decline Fly (Full Range);
  • Rear Lunge;
  • Straps Push-Ups – biomechanics;
  • Resistance Band Pullover;
  • High Pulley Curl;
  • Hold-Relax Method.

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Happy learning, teaching, presenting and visualizing!

Amit G. Alon.