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Strength Training

Your professional app for acquiring advanced knowledge on strength training and stretching anatomy, learning how to prevent common mistakes in order to reduce risk of injury (including concrete reasons for why these mistakes occur), and deeply understanding the anatomy of all human muscles in the most visual way!
‘Muscle & Motion – Strength Training’ contains the entire ‘Muscle & Motion – Anatomy’ as well as additional chapters!

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Groundbreaking new premium software in the field of Human Posture.
Muscle&Motion Posture app will teach you how to evaluate the underlying causes for postural challenges and show you simple ways to help your students break old movement patterns and develop a healthier posture.

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This easy-to-use app for anatomy students and instructors makes musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology easier to learn, understand and remember. Over 2000 unique 3D videos show all human muscles in motion. If you’re a student, this app is guaranteed to increase your understanding and grades. If you’re an educator, help your students excel in their studies! They will love you for it.

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This advanced app enables you to look “under the skin” in 3D form and directly observe the world of anatomy and posture during yoga workouts. See how muscles act as they stretch in each position and deepen your understanding of the effects of common postural problems.

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Personal Trainers


I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and yoga instructor. I love your videos! I love how easy you make them to understand the movements and muscles used in exercises and how to watch for and correct movement. I look forward to continuing my learning through your videos and sharing them with others so they can improve their performance and reduce risk of injury!

Julie Thompson, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Yoga Instructor | Illinois, USA view more



Muscle & Motion (M&M) is the best teaching resource, especially for Anatomical Kinesiology, that I have seen in my 25 years in higher education.  It allows the student to become genuinely engaged in material that can otherwise be dry and non-stimulating.  The graphics are unbelievable.  All material is scientifically sound and the authors regularly update content.  My plan in the future is to do away with requiring a textbook and will have each student order M&M-Strength Training instead.  All M&M products are affordable and the M&M staff is highly responsive, courteous, and helpful. If you teach Anatomical Kinesiology and don’t use M&M, you are missing out.

Mark H. Bean, Ph. D, ACSM Certified Program Director, Professor & Chair of Department of Health & Kinesiology, Mississippi University for Women | Mississippi, USA  view more



I’m a med student, currently in my third year, and I’m also taking classes for being a personal trainer, sport coach and muscle instructor. Your videos help me in understanding the biomechanics of exercise and how to avoid injury. I myself have some injuries and your videos and info have helped me a lot in that as well! I love to learn from your website.

Franco Moreno, Medical Student | Argentina  view more

Physical & Massage Therapists


I am a big fan of your page! Your videos are an excellent tool for me and my patients because it helps all of us understand the proper motion of each muscle. I see sport and gym related injuries all the time at my clinic and I always tend to pull up your videos on my laptop to properly explain what may have happened to them. My patients always compliment on how well the videos are put together, which I agree. I plan to continue my use of your videos throughout my career.

Ailene Tam, RMT   view more

Fitness Instructors & Coaches

Lisa Buechner

Muscle & Motion Strength Training is an incredible tool that I find useful on a daily basis! I’ve even pulled it up when I’m working with clients who like to better understand the appropriate form for an exercise. It’s also been useful to explain what’s happening in a client’s body when they are performing an exercise or feeling discomfort. Reading about anatomy and looking at anatomical pictures is one thing, but I find that the simplistic but detailed moving visuals provided within this program is far superior to anything I have used in the past. I’ve also found that the staff are extremely responsive when I’ve had questions. Thank you! I highly recommend your program!

Lisa Buechner, ACE & ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Precision Nutrition & Wellness Coach | Wisconsin, USA  view more

Body Builders, Athletes, & Fitness Enthusiasts


As a Masters Physique competitor and student of kinesiology, I find the Muscle & Motion Strength Training software to be an invaluable tool.  The 3D videos showing the target muscle group, the synergists and the stabilizers are excellent training tools that allow you to quickly identify the muscle that are being recruited and how to isolate the muscles you want to work on.  To build a competitive physique it is imperative to have good symmetry of the body and a deep understanding of how to isolate key muscles.  Good form is required in this endeavor and the Muscle & Motion videos and training library are one of the best resources I have found for this. The Muscle & Motion resource has an excellent blend of video and 3D animation that allows you to not only understand, but implement, good form in either your own workouts or those of your clients.  Combine this with the extensive library of exercise techniques, stretching methods and workout programs and you have a winning combination that will either take you or your clients to the next level. Thank you Amit and Muscle & Motion for the well thought out and detailed resource.

Russel Gray, Master Physique Competitor  view more