Frequently Asked Questions

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“Muscle & Motion” is one of the world’s most complete resources on muscular and anatomical dynamics. The material on kinesiology & anatomy is complex and challenging to teach using only books and pictures. Our videos & 3D animations revolutionize the learning experience.

Here’s why we are a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike:


  1. Global Recognition and Reach: With a robust community of over 7 million followers across social media and tens of thousands of active subscribers, our impact and credibility are globally acknowledged.
  2. Academic Endorsement: Over 350 universities worldwide incorporate our apps into their curriculum, a testament to our educational value and accuracy.
  3. Expert Team: Our team is a unique blend of physical therapists, movement experts, fitness trainers, coaches, and highly skilled animators. This diverse expertise ensures that our programs are not only scientifically accurate but also practically relevant.
  4. Advanced and Accurate Content: We specialize in breaking down complex anatomical and biomechanical concepts into easy-to-understand visualizations. This approach makes learning more efficient and effective.
  5. Enhanced Client Connection and Results: Understanding the true mechanics of body movement enhances your ability to connect with clients. This deeper understanding helps clients achieve their goals more swiftly and safely.


At Muscle and Motion, we don’t just offer information; we provide an educational journey that transforms the way you perceive and teach movement anatomy.

Muscle and Motion’s comprehensive apps and online courses are designed to empower a diverse range of individuals and professionals worldwide. By providing in-depth insights into the anatomy and mechanics of movement, we equip our users with the knowledge to excel and lead in the fitness and movement industry. Our resources are particularly beneficial for:


  • Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches: Enhance your training techniques with a deeper understanding of muscle movement and biomechanics.
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches: Gain advanced knowledge to optimize performance and reduce injury risks for athletes.
  • Fitness/Movement Professionals: Elevate your expertise in movement science for more effective client engagement and results.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists: Utilize detailed anatomical animations to aid in therapy and rehabilitation processes.
  • Chiropractors: Complement your practice with extensive insights into musculoskeletal dynamics.
  • Yoga & Pilates Instructors/Teachers: Deepen your understanding of body mechanics to improve instruction and student experience.
  • Academic Institutions (Teachers & Students): Ideal for universities and colleges seeking to enrich their health and fitness curricula.
  • Gyms & Fitness Clubs: Provide staff and members with cutting-edge educational tools for fitness and health.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Expand your knowledge about your body and enhance your personal fitness journey.


Join the Muscle and Motion community and transform into a well-informed, highly-skilled movement professional!

At Muscle and Motion, we provide a suite of unique apps and comprehensive online courses tailored to meet the needs of fitness and health professionals, educators, and enthusiasts worldwide. Our offerings are designed to bring complex anatomical and biomechanical concepts to life in 3D, making learning both engaging and effective.


Our range of premium apps is accessible on all major platforms including iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. These apps are ideal for individual users as well as for academic institutions such as universities and colleges. Our app portfolio includes:

  1. Strength Training: Dive into detailed strength training techniques and biomechanics.
  2. Anatomy: Explore the intricacies of human anatomy in a dynamic 3D format.
  3. Posture: Understand the fundamentals and importance of correct posture.
  4. Yoga: Enhance your yoga practice with in-depth biomechanical insights.


In collaboration with internationally renowned trainers and physiotherapists, we have developed cutting-edge online courses. These courses combine professional insights with 3D anatomical views, offering an advanced and immersive learning experience. Our current course offerings include:

  1. Anterior Knee Pain: A comprehensive guide to understanding, diagnosing, and treating anterior knee pain.
  2. Functional Training Anatomy: Delve into the anatomy behind functional training, enhancing both performance and safety.


Whether you’re a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, university educator, or student, Muscle and Motion’s products are crafted to elevate your understanding and application of movement science.

A customer once perfectly encapsulated the value of our apps:

“It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, the animations in your apps are worth an entire library of exercise pictures and words combined.”

At Muscle and Motion, we excel in transforming complex subjects into easily understandable concepts through high-resolution 3D animations. Our apps are not just tools; they are comprehensive educational experiences designed to enhance understanding and teaching effectiveness.

3D Anatomical Analysis

Each of our apps features concise, educational 3D videos that provide a complete anatomical analysis. This includes detailed breakdowns of target muscle groups, synergists, and stabilizers for each exercise! When words fall short in explaining an exercise concept, our 3D animations illuminate the subject, making comprehension effortless.

“Common Mistakes” Videos

A standout feature in our Strength Training and Yoga apps is the ‘Common Mistakes’ video series. These animations are invaluable for illustrating common errors in exercises and asanas, showing potential harm, and demonstrating the correct techniques. This feature allows you to clearly communicate to clients how training mistakes can impact them, all through vivid 3D animation.

3D Anatomy of the Muscular & Skeletal System

Explore over 2000 unique videos showcasing every muscle in the human muscular system in 3D. This includes detailed animations of the origin and insertion of each muscle, along with its movements. Our comprehensive 3D content provides an unmatched depth of understanding of the muscular and skeletal systems.


In summary, Muscle and Motion apps stand out by providing an immersive educational experience that simplifies complex anatomical and biomechanical concepts through state-of-the-art 3D animations. This approach not only enhances learning but also significantly improves the way you teach and apply these concepts.

At Muscle and Motion, we are committed to ensuring that you feel confident and secure in your decision to subscribe to our apps or enroll in our online courses. Our high ratings – 4.9/5 stars on app stores and 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot – reflect our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Apps Refund Policy

We offer a 14-day refund guarantee for subscriptions made via our website for Yearly or 3-year plans. Please note that this policy does not apply to Monthly subscriptions.

If for any reason you find that the app isn’t suitable for you, or it doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send us an email requesting a refund. We will process a full refund with no questions asked.


IMPORTANT: The 14-day refund guarantee is applicable only for subscriptions made through our website. For purchases made via third-party app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play Store), the transaction is managed directly by Apple/Google. In these cases, we serve as a content provider, and refund requests should be directed to the respective app store.


For refunds from the Google Play Store, click here.
For refunds from the Apple App Store, click here.

For any questions regarding your subscription, please contact us at info@muscleandmotion.com, and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Online Courses Refund Policy

Our online courses are hosted on the Inspire360 platform, ensuring a top-notch learning experience. If you find that a course is not what you expected or it doesn’t meet your needs, we offer the option to request a refund.

You can rest assured knowing that your satisfaction is our priority.


Online Courses:

Currently, our online courses are exclusively available in English. We understand the importance of accessibility and are actively exploring the possibility of expanding our offerings to include additional languages in the near future.


Our apps – Strength Training, Anatomy, Posture, and Yoga – currently support four different languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Russian


When you access any of our apps, either on the signup page or the login page, you will find an option to select your preferred language. If you are already logged into the app, you can easily change the language by navigating to the main menu, selecting ‘profile’, and then ‘choose a language’.


Exciting News: We are in the process of expanding our language offerings! Soon, our apps will also be available in:

  • Korean (Coming Soon – Q4 2024)
  • German (Coming Soon – Q1 2024)

Stay tuned for these updates as we continue to make our apps more accessible to a global audience.

Joining the Muscle and Motion Affiliate Program is a fantastic way to earn extra income while promoting health and fitness. As a valued affiliate, you can earn up to a 30% commission for every referral order.

Our program is ideal for personal trainers, physical therapists, health & fitness enthusiasts, or anyone passionate about movement and anatomy. By sharing Muscle and Motion Apps with your network, you can make a significant impact on others’ fitness journeys while benefiting financially.

Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Email Us: To become an affiliate partner, simply send an email to sales@muscleandmotion.com expressing your interest in joining our Affiliate Program.
  2. Application Review: Our Muscle and Motion Affiliate team will promptly review your application. We value each potential partner and strive to process applications swiftly.
  3. Approval and Commission: Once approved, you’ll be ready to start earning commissions. You will receive a unique link to track your referrals. Every time someone subscribes to our Apps (Strength Training, Anatomy, Posture, and Yoga) through your link, you earn a commission.


Join our advanced affiliate platform and start generating revenue through your network. We look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of partners and affiliates!

At Muscle and Motion, we offer tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our users, whether they are individual professionals or educational institutions.

Professional Plans (Pro or Business)

Our Strength Training app Pro or Business plans are designed for individual users, such as personal trainers or fitness coaches. These plans enable you to:

  • Create and assign personalized workout plans to your trainees online.
  • Access our comprehensive library of exercises and animations for effective training guidance.
  • Manage your clients’ progress and workouts efficiently in a user-friendly interface.

These plans are ideal for professionals looking to enhance their training services with advanced digital tools.

Institutional License

The Institutional License is a broader solution, perfect for educational settings like universities, colleges, or training institutions. This license offers:

  • Multiple simultaneous logins to the Strength Training app, accommodating a large number of users at once.
  • Access for all students and teachers to the app across various devices.
  • Options for up to 20, 100, or 300 logins/sessions simultaneously, ensuring wide accessibility.
  • Full access to all videos and content within the app, providing a rich educational resource.


As an educational institution, you have the opportunity to experience our Institutional License with a 1-month free trial. This trial allows you to explore the full range of features and benefits for your students and staff.

Click here for more information and to start your free trial.


Yes, as a valued subscriber of Muscle and Motion, you have the privilege to share our photos and videos on your social media channels.
This is subject to the following conditions:


  1. Active Subscription Required: You must hold an active, paid subscription to the Muscle and Motion app from which the animations are sourced. This does not include free version subscriptions.
  2. Attribution: Each post must properly credit Muscle and Motion and the name of the app you are using. Please include “Image courtesy of Muscle and Motion” in the post description, along with a link to our account @muscleandmotion. For example: “Image courtesy of Muscle and Motion Strength Training app (@muscleandmotion).”
  3. Content Restrictions: You are welcome to share content from the Exercises section or the Muscular Anatomy section. However, Theory videos from the Theory section within the app are not permitted for sharing.
  4. No Redistribution: The content is for your use only. You are not permitted to sublicense, sell, rent, lease, lend, or otherwise distribute the animations to others.
  5. Non-commercial Use: The materials should not be used to support ad revenue or any commercial purposes.
  6. Social media use only: Please note that this permission is exclusively for social media use. Our content or animations cannot be used for online courses, third-party platforms, personal websites, apps, etc.
  7. End date: Your right to upload new posts using our animations ceases once your subscription becomes inactive. However, you are welcome to keep any posts already uploaded.


On average, our animations have been shown to increase engagement by approximately 30-50% on social media, making your posts more impactful and informative.

For further inquiries or specific requests, feel free to contact us at sales@muscleandmotion.com.

At Muscle and Motion, we understand the importance of seamless sharing of educational content. That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Deep Link’ functionality in our apps, making it incredibly easy for institutions to share specific videos or exercises with students or clients.

Using Deep Links

  • Direct Access: Deep Links allow you to create hyperlinks that directly connect students to particular videos or exercises within the app. This means they can access the exact content they need with just one click.
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): You can post these Deep Links on your LMS platform or any collaborative digital space you use. When a student clicks on a Deep Link, they are immediately taken to the specific content within the subscribed app.

Sharing Feature in the App

  • Easy to Locate: Our sharing feature is integrated within the video players of the app. As you play a video, look for the sharing icon (which appears alongside other icons like download, favorite, etc.) above the video.
  • Simple to Use: With just a few clicks, you can share valuable educational content, enhancing the learning experience for your students or clients.


For more detailed information on our sharing options and how to make the most of them, please feel free to contact us at info@muscleandmotion.com. We are here to assist you in optimizing your educational and training processes with our resources.

You can incorporate screenshots of our animations into your PowerPoint presentations, but this privilege is exclusively available to educators with an active Institutional license.

Guidelines for Use:

  • Institutional License Required: This option is specifically for teachers and educators who hold an active Institutional license for the app from which they wish to take screenshots.
  • Educational Enhancement: If you’re teaching anatomy or related subjects, Muscle and Motion apps are an invaluable resource. Our animations can significantly support your curriculum by providing students with a dynamic and visual understanding of the human body in motion.
  • Compliance with License Terms: By using screenshots in your presentations, you agree to do so in accordance with the terms of your Institutional license.


For more information about obtaining an Institutional license and how it can benefit your educational setting, click here.

You are welcome to print out images and content from our app, but this is permitted exclusively for teachers and educators who hold an active Institutional license.

Guidelines for Use:

  • Institutional License Requirement: The ability to print and share materials from the app is a privilege granted specifically to those with an active Institutional license for the app they are using.
  • Educational Purposes: This feature is particularly useful for enhancing the learning experience in educational settings. Our detailed and accurate images can serve as excellent supplementary materials in your teaching.
  • Adherence to License Terms: When printing and sharing content from the app, it is important to do so in compliance with the terms of your Institutional license.


For more detailed information about our Institutional license and how it can enrich your educational toolkit, click here.

The Strength Traning app by Muscle and Motion offers a seamless way to create and share customized workout plans with your clients. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create Your Plan: Utilize our extensive exercise library, which features over 1000 exercises in detailed 3D animation, to build a workout plan tailored to your client’s needs.
  2. Add Your Clients: Before assigning plans, make sure your clients are added to the Strength Training app. You can do this under the “My Clients” tab.
  3. Assign the Plan: Once your customized workout plan is ready, you can assign it to your clients with ease. Simply click on the “Assign plan” button next to the relevant client’s name.


This process ensures that your clients have direct access to the workout plans you’ve specifically designed for them, complete with the rich visual detail of our 3D animations. It’s an effective way to enhance their training experience and track their progress.

After adding your clients to the Strength Training app under the “My Clients” tab, we automatically send them a link invitation to the WORKOUTS app (iOSAndroid) where they will see only the workout plans that you assigned to them. (Your clients won’t be able to access the Strength Training app; only you can access the ST app as a trainer)


In Muscle and Motion’s 3D animations, we use a thoughtful color-coding system to help you easily identify different muscle groups and understand their functions during exercises:


  • RED: This color highlights the target muscle, indicating the primary muscle that is being focused on and actively worked during an exercise.
  • PURPLE: Representing the synergist muscles, purple shows the muscles that assist the target muscle in performing the movement, playing a supportive role in the exercise.
  • YELLOW: Yellow signifies the stretching muscles. These are the muscles that are being stretched and lengthened throughout the exercise routine.
  • BROWN: The color brown is used to denote the core muscles. These are crucial for stabilizing the body and are often engaged in various exercises to maintain balance and posture.

This color-coding system is a key part of our commitment at Muscle and Motion to provide clear, informative, and visually engaging content. It helps users quickly grasp the roles different muscles play during exercises.


Should you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re dedicated to enhancing your understanding and experience of fitness and movement.

At Muscle and Motion, we offer four premium apps, each tailored to specific needs and interests in the realm of fitness and movement. Understanding the unique features of each app can help you decide which one aligns best with your goals:


1. Anatomy App

  • Foundation: This is our basic app, and its content is included in all our other apps: Strength Training, Posture, and Yoga!
  • Ideal For: Anyone seeking a fundamental understanding of human anatomy in motion.

2. Strength Training App

  • Comprehensive: Includes all content from the Anatomy App, plus:
    • Over 1200 exercises with anatomical analysis.
    • Common mistakes in exercises.
    • Workout plan builder.
    • Tests and assessments videos.
  • Ideal For: Fitness professionals, personal trainers, and anyone interested in detailed strength training and movement analysis.

3. Yoga App

  • Specialized: Contains all Anatomy App content, in addition to:
    • Detailed 3D anatomy views of yoga poses/asanas.
    • Common issues and preparatory exercises for each asana.
  • Ideal For: Yoga instructors and practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the anatomical aspects of yoga.

4. Posture App

  • Extensive: Contains all Anatomy App content, in addition to:
    • Therapeutic exercise videos.
    • Information on postural disorders.
    • Additional tests and assessments.
  • Ideal For: Those focusing on posture improvement, physical therapists, and anyone interested in the therapeutic aspects of movement.


For a more detailed comparison and further information about each app, click here.

We offer a free sign-up option for all our Muscle and Motion apps.


  • Get a Taste: You don’t need to subscribe immediately to explore what our apps have to offer. By signing up for free, you gain access to approximately 25% of the videos in the app. This allows you to get a good impression of our content and how it can benefit you.


  • Upgrade for Full Access: If you find the content valuable and wish to dive deeper, you can subscribe to gain full access. A subscription unlocks 100% of the videos in the app, providing you with comprehensive resources to become a movement expert.


Sign up for free to any of our apps today and start your journey towards mastering movement and fitness!

We’re delighted to hear that you love our content! To fully enjoy what we offer, you only need to subscribe to three of our apps: the Strength Training App, the Posture App, and the Yoga App.

Subscription Details:

  • Three Separate Subscriptions: Currently, we do not offer a single subscription that covers all apps. You will need to subscribe individually to each of these three apps – Strength Training, Posture, and Yoga.
  • Inclusive Content: All three apps include the complete content from our Anatomy app. This means that by subscribing to these apps, you get the benefit of the Anatomy app’s content as well.
    * You won’t be able to access the Anatomy app with your Strength Training/Yoga/Posture apps subscription.
  • Anatomy App Integration: In the main menu of each app, you will find sections titled “Muscular Anatomy,” “Kinesiology & Skeletal,” and “Theory.” These sections are directly from our Anatomy app, ensuring that you have access to comprehensive anatomical information across all three apps.


By subscribing to the Strength Training, Posture, and Yoga apps, you gain a broad spectrum of content covering various aspects of fitness and anatomy. Each subscription brings its unique value, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of movement and body mechanics.

We understand the importance of keeping our content fresh and informative. That’s why new exercises and videos are added to our apps on a monthly basis.

This consistent update schedule ensures that you always have access to the latest information and techniques, enhancing your learning and understanding in a user-friendly way.

Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation:

  • Monthly Enhancements: Every month, we expand our library with new exercises and videos, keeping the content dynamic and engaging.
  • High-Quality 3D Animations: Our focus is on delivering clear, detailed, and accurate animations to make complex concepts easily comprehensible.
  • Technological Evolution: We are continually adapting to the latest technology platforms, ensuring that our users receive the most advanced and effective learning materials.


By regularly introducing new content, we strive to support your ongoing education in fitness, anatomy, and movement sciences, making learning an ever-evolving and enjoyable experience.

Our apps are designed for versatility and ease of access across a wide range of devices. As a subscriber, you can log in to any of our apps using:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Phone/Tablet
  • PC/MAC

Login Capacity Based on Subscription Type:

  • Individual Subscription: With this type of subscription, you can enjoy access on up to 2 devices simultaneously. This allows you the flexibility to switch between devices as needed, whether you’re on the go or at your desk.
  • Institutional License: For universities and colleges with an Institutional license, there is an option for a much larger number of simultaneous logins. Depending on the license tier, this can be up to 20, 100, or even 300 logins at the same time. This feature is particularly useful for educational settings where multiple users need to access the content concurrently.


By offering this range of device compatibility and login options, we ensure that our users can conveniently access our valuable content, whether for individual learning or in an institutional setting.

Turning off the auto-renewal for your subscription is straightforward and can be done at any time to suit your needs.

To Stop Auto-Renewal:

  1. Email Request: Simply send us an email at info@muscleandmotion.com requesting to stop the auto-renewal. We’ll handle it from there.
  2. Self-Service Option: Alternatively, you can manage this setting yourself within the app.
    • Go to the app and navigate to your profile page.
    • Click on “Cancel Auto-Renewal.”

Understanding Auto-Renewal:

  • Convenience and Continuity: The auto-renewal feature is designed to provide uninterrupted access to our services. If you’re enjoying the app and wish to continue your subscription, auto-renewal saves you the hassle of going through the purchase process again.
  • Subscription Reminder: We’ll send you an email about 7 days before your subscription period ends, reminding you of the upcoming renewal. This gives you ample time to decide whether to continue or cancel the auto-renewal.
  • Access Until Subscription Ends: Remember, even after you cancel the auto-renewal, you’ll retain full access to all the subscription features until the end of your current subscription period.


By offering these flexible options, we aim to ensure that managing your subscription is as user-friendly and convenient as possible.

At Muscle and Motion, we are committed to ensuring that you feel confident and secure in your decision to subscribe to our apps or enroll in our online courses. Our high ratings – 4.9/5 stars on app stores and 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot – reflect our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Apps Refund Policy

We offer a 14-day refund guarantee for subscriptions made via our website for Yearly or 3-year plans. Please note that this policy does not apply to Monthly subscriptions.

If for any reason you find that the app isn’t suitable for you, or it doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send us an email requesting a refund. We will process a full refund with no questions asked.


IMPORTANT: The 14-day refund guarantee is applicable only for subscriptions made through our website. For purchases made via third-party app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play Store), the transaction is managed directly by Apple/Google. In these cases, we serve as a content provider, and refund requests should be directed to the respective app store.


For refunds from the Google Play Store, click here.
For refunds from the Apple App Store, click here.

For any questions regarding your subscription, please contact us at info@muscleandmotion.com, and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to access content without an internet connection, providing the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime.

How to Use Offline Mode:

  1. Save for Offline Viewing: To prepare for offline use, you need to save videos/exercises for offline mode. This can be done by clicking the download button located at the top right corner of each video.
  2. Accessing Downloaded Content: When you open the app without an internet connection, navigate to the “My Downloads” section in the main menu. Here, you’ll find all the videos you’ve downloaded.
  3. App-Specific Feature: Please note that this offline viewing option is available only within our mobile apps and not in the web app.

Key Points About Offline Mode:

  • Convenience for On-the-Go Learning: The offline mode is ideal for situations where you don’t have access to the internet. It ensures that your learning process is uninterrupted.
  • Exclusive to Paying Subscribers: This feature is exclusively available to our paying subscribers.


Offline access in our mobile apps is designed to ensure that you have continuous access to our fitness and anatomy content, making your educational journey with us more flexible and accessible.


We’ve collaborated with key international trainers and physiotherapists, to develop and bring you the best professional and educational content with 3D anatomical views, creating a new and advanced learning experience.

Functional Training Anatomy

We teamed up with Kevin Carr from CFSC to create the best online course for Functional Training!

This course provides an overview of all of the concepts surrounding functional anatomy and connects them to real practical training scenarios so that you can better coach and build programs for your clients.

Learn more


Anterior Knee Pain

In this online course, you will learn cutting-edge assessments and rehab progressions to treat Anterior Knee Pain from international sports physiotherapist Dave O’Sullivan, accompanied by dedicated 3D anatomical views and unique animations created by Muscle and Motion

Learn more

24/7 Online Access

Access the online course with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can access our online courses 24/7 from any internet-connected device. Work at your own pace and apply what you learn right away.

Enroll in the course
View the course content
Take the test
 Print your certificate of completion by Muscle and Motion

The number of hours of video content included in each course varies depending on the course.


Functional Training Anatomy – 3 hours and 30 minutes

Anterior Knee Pain – 3 hours and 47 minutes

When enrolling in Muscle and Motion online courses, you get continuing education credits/units from several different institutions, equivalent to time spent in hours devoted to maintaining education and knowledge in the fitness field.


When enrolling in our “Functional Training Anatomy” online course, you get:

  • NASM – 1.00 CEUs
  • AFAA – 10.00 CEUs
  • CFSC – 1.00 CEUs
  • NCSF – 2.00 CEUs
  • ISSA – 10.00 CEUs
  • ACE – 0.4 CEUs


When enrolling in our “Anterior Knee Pain” online course, you get:

  • NASM – 1.00 CEUs
  • AFAA – 10.00 CEUs
  • NCSF – 2.00 CEUs
  • ISSA – 10.00 CEUs


Coming Soon

We are working with other relevant authorities in order to approve our courses and give you CEUs at the end of each online course.

Of course!

A certificate of completion by Muscle and Motion will be provided to each participant upon completion of the course.

Please note, in order to get a certification at the end of our online courses, you must score between 70% to 80% to pass (It varies between the courses).
If you do not pass the final test, you may retake the test:)

The subscription model is only for our apps, not for the online courses.

The online courses are one-time payment only that gives you full lifetime access to the course materials.

Yep! 30% Off for current subscribers.

For our app subscribers, doesn’t matter if you have an active subscription to all our apps or only to one of our apps, as long as your subscription is active, you get 30% Off the regular price when enrolling in our online courses.

How to get the discount?

Contact us at sales@muscleandmotion.com with your username to the app that you subscribed to, and ask for the 30% discount code for our online courses.

We will reply to you back ASAP.

There are no prerequisites or any requirements to enroll in our online courses.

All you need to do is to enroll in the course, sit on your chair, lean back, and watch the screen… Sit tight in your chair because our animations will blow your mind! 🙂

Online Courses:
At present, our online courses are available exclusively in English.
However, we are considering expanding to other languages in the near future.



Currently, the Workout Plans feature is available only in our Strength Training app.

In the Strength Training App, on the main menu, you will see a section called “Workout Plans” where you can build customized workouts or use Muscle and Motion workout plans and assign these plans to your clients.


*If you want to use the Workout Plans feature in our Posture, or Yoga apps and assign workout plans to your clients, please let us know:) at sales@muscleandmotion.com, and we might add this feature to our Posture and Yoga apps in the future:)

With the Strength Traning app, there is an option to build customized workout plans and assign these plans to your clients! You will get full access to our exercises library with more than 1000 exercises in 3D animation, full anatomical analysis, and common mistakes to avoid.


Create customized workout plans and assign them to your clients, Up to X clients, depending on the plan you choose below:

Individual Plan – Up to 2 clients

Pro Plan – Up to 25 clients
Good for Small gyms, Personal trainers, Coache, or Clinic

Business Plan – Up to 100 clients
Recommended for Gyms, Studios


* There is no cost for your clients to use the Workout app! (Completely free) Watch this video for more info

No! It’s FREE for your clients:)

The muscle and Motion Workout app (iOS, Android) is completely free for your clients!

In order for your clients to use the WORKOUT app (The Client’s app), first, you need to subscribe to the Strength Training app, and then you will be able to assign your customized workouts, or Muscle and Motion workouts to your clients.

In the Strength Training app, at the main menu, there is a section called “Workouts”, in this section, you will see the “My Clients” Tab.

After adding your clients, we will automatically send them a link invitation to the WORKOUTS app (iOS, Android) where they will see only the workout plans that you assigned to them. (Your clients won’t be able to access the Strength Training app, only you can access the ST app as a trainer)

After adding your clients to the Strength Training app under the “My Clients” tab, we automatically send them a link invitation to the WORKOUTS app (iOS, Android) where they will see only the workout plans that you assigned to them. (Your clients won’t be able to access the Strength Training app, only you can access the ST app as a trainer)


If you want to check the process yourself, you can do that.

Open the Strength Training app > go to the “My Clients” tab > add you as a client (With your email) > then assign any workout you want. (Do not worry, you can delete yourself as a client anytime)

Once you sent the workout plan, you will get an email (As a trainee) with instructions on how to access the WORKOUTS app (iOS, Android) (The client’s app)

Understanding the Workout Plan Assignment:
When you create a workout plan in our app, you’re essentially laying out a series of workouts without assigning specific dates to them initially.
This flexible approach allows you to design the plan according to your client’s needs without the constraints of a fixed calendar.


Assigning a Start Date:
The key moment comes when you’re ready to assign this plan to a client.
It’s at this point that you select a start date for the entire plan.

This feature is designed to give you the freedom to commence the plan at a time that best suits your client’s schedule.


Example Scenario:
Let’s say today is January 1st, and you’ve just completed a workout plan for a new client.

When assigning this plan, you have the option to set the start date as today, January 1st, or any future date, like February 1st. If you choose January 1st, the first workout in your plan will be scheduled for today. Alternatively, selecting February 1st will schedule the first workout for that date.


Why This Matters:
This approach allows for maximum flexibility in your planning. Whether your client is ready to start immediately or prefers to begin at a later date, our app accommodates these preferences seamlessly.

Need Further Assistance?
We understand that new features can take some time to get used to, and we’re here to help every step of the way. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@muscleandmotion.com.

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