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Benefits to your Trainees/Clients

  • Don’t ask them to imagine it, just show it to them!
  • Let them log in with their Mobile Phones! (Available on iOS and Android)
  • Show them which mistakes are made and how it hurts their bodies.
  • Show your trainees which muscles are strengthened during each exercise.
  • More than 1000 + exercises videos + common mistakes to avoid!!!
  • Give your trainees the knowledge they need in order to understand how the workout benefits them.

Benefits to your Trainers/team

  • Give your trainers continuing education with regularly updated content.
  • Your team will reach a higher level of knowledge than your competitors!
  • Give them a new tool that will make them super professionals.
  • Create customized workout plans and assign them to your clients online!
  • Use Muscle and Motion’s science-based workout plans


MUSCLE AND MOTION provide you with top-notch workout routines, made with the best professional coaches and Muscle&Motion team, designed specifically to boost your client’s improvement and to give you new ideas for advanced workout plans.



Build customized science-based workout plans and assign them to your clients!
They will be able to access the plan on their mobile phones (iOS, Android)



Get full access to our library of over 1000+ exercises with common mistakes to avoid and full anatomical analysis, to create the best workout plan ever!



The Strength Training app is available on all devices (iOS, Android, PC/Mac)

Create workout plans on your computer or via mobile!

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the Strength Traning app, there is an option to build customized workout plans and then assign these plans to your clients! You will get full access to our exercises library with more than 1000 exercises in 3D animation, full anatomical analysis, and common mistakes to avoid.


Create customized workout plans and assign them to your clients, Up to X clients, depending on the plan you choose below:

Individual Plan – Up to 2 clients

Pro Plan – Up to 25 clients
Good for Small GYM, Personal Trainer, Coache, or Clinic

Business Plan – Up to 100 clients
Recommended for Gyms, Studios


* There is no cost for your clients to use the Workout app! (Completely free) Watch this video for more info

  • + Contain the ANATOMY app content
  • + More than 2000 3D educational videos
  • + 1000 Exercises with anatomical analysis
  • + Build customized workout plans
  • + Assign your workouts to your clients!
  • + Common mistakes + solutions
  • + Full theory chapter with 200 video lessons
  • + 3D Anatomy & kinesiology in motion

And more… much more!

You don’t only get a video for each exercise. We also show you what not to do, the risks of injuries, how the muscles work in the exercise with a look inside the muscles, and lots of small nuances that make a big difference in exercises.

No! Muscle and Motion’s Workout app is completely free for your clients!

In order for your clients to use the WORKOUT app (The Client’s app), first, you need to subscribe to the Strength Training app, and then you will be able to assign your customized workouts, or Muscle and Motion’s workouts to your clients.

In the Strength Training app, at the main menu, there is a section called “Workouts”, in this section, you will see the “My Clients” Tab. After adding your clients, we will automatically send them a link invitation to the WORKOUTS app where they will see only the workout plans that you assigned to them. (Your clients won’t be able to access the Strength Training app, only you can access the ST app as a trainer)

The exercise bank is updated every month, currently, there are more than 1000 exercises with full anatomical analysis and common mistakes to avoid!

Our team analyzes new exercises all the time to give you great information through 3D animation that will allow you to continue learning and improve your understanding in the easiest and most comfortable way and of course, to keep you up-to-date with new research in the field of anatomy and movement.

We put a lot of effort as well as our reputation on the line so that you will feel 100% completely safe and sure about your decision.

If within 14 days after purchasing the subscription, (not including the 1-month subscription) for whatever reason you decide that the App is not for you, or that you cannot get what you expected from it, send us an email and ask for a refund.

We will send you a full refund – No questions asked!