The Anatomy of Yoga

Our unique 3D model allows you to see all muscles in action

Our YOGA app is designed to help Yogis around the world by giving them a visual reference to the muscles that are engaged by specific yoga poses.

Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey, or have been practicing yoga for years, the YOGA app will be an invaluable resource for YOU!

What’s in the YOGA app?

• The muscular system in yoga: See all the muscles in 3D
• Common yoga mistakes/problems and how to avoid them
• NEW! Preparatory exercises for each asana
• Precise anatomical analysis of classical asanas
• How to identify the limiting elements in a position

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Anyone who wants to improve lesson results and avoid injuries, including:


  • Yoga Teachers & Students
  • Yogis on all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Pilates Instructors
  • Yoga Studios
  • Physiotherapists
  • Yoga Teacher Training Program
  • Yoga Schools

Meet the Team Behind the YOGA App

Dr. Gill Solberg

I am an advanced Yoga teacher who actually entered the world of Yoga at the age of ….. 4!

I believe that the basis for a balanced Yoga session lies in the teacher’s ability to internalize the idea that people come in different sizes. Therefore, a responsible teacher relates to differences in learners and their needs, predicated on the movement patterns unique to each learner.

During my first years of teaching, I recognized the multifactorial nature of various postural problems I encountered in class and the difficulty in establishing an accurate definition of “posture norms”.

I realized that understanding and internalizing the specific principles underlying the human movement system would enable me to move the body according to its own structural dictates. I felt that with deeper knowledge and understanding, my Yoga teaching could provide balanced asanas, improve training results, and prevent injuries.

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Muscle and Motion LOGO

Muscle and Motion

Muscle&Motion was officially founded in 2001. Its aim was, and is, to enhance an individual’s understanding of the muscular mechanics involved in any particular movement of the human body; thereby, improving results, reducing the risk of injury, and providing an overall greater awareness of muscles in motion.

Our products serve a wide audience from the anatomy student to physical and massage therapists, educators, personal trainers, athletes, and anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the muscular motions of movement.

To learn how Muscle&Motion has benefited both professionals and fitness enthusiasts, please visit our Reviews page.


What’s in the app?

3D Yoga Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Posture

The app focuses on the anatomy and kinesiology of yoga postures and instills a deep understanding of the wisdom of ancient yoga – in the spirit of the modern world.

In this way we highlight complex kinesiological aspects that till now have not been addressed clearly and in terms of their applications.

Teacher Advantage

All of the content is presented visually, in spectacular 3D, to help teachers deal with questions that arise during instruction such as:

* What does this position work on?

* What might be the source of the learner’s difficulty?

* How can we deal with movement limitations during the yoga practice?


Knowledge in these areas will enable teachers to work with confidence, from a well-grounded understanding of body movement, which will help avoid causing harm as the result of an inappropriate yoga practice. This is an amazing opportunity to grow as a teacher: expand your yoga knowledge in the comfort of your home or practice space and accumulate credit towards your Continued Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance*. * Every 5 hours of this training equals 1 non-contact hour of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Thanks to the most advanced technology that we use, it is impossible not to understand.

Muscular System

A special comprehensive section presents the movement system in 3D. Observing each muscle in 3D helps enhance understanding of muscle movements and connection points It’s simply impossible not to understand.

Indications and Contraindications in Yoga Practice:

What is the appropriate pose?

What should be avoided?

How can adaptations be introduced to prevent damage and improve the results of the training session?

Core Muscles in Yoga

What are the core muscles?

How do they function in a yoga poses?

How can we develop functional control of these muscles?

Posture Disorders in the Lower Extremities:

How do we locate functional problems in the foot joints?

How do we prevent damage to the knee?

What causes a lack of balance in the hip joints?

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  • Understand the anatomy of strength training
  • 800+ strength exercises + common mistakes
  • Primary, secondary, stabilizers muscles involved
  • Full theory chapter with 180 video lessons
  • 3D anatomy of the muscular system
  • Learn crucial nuances for every exercise.





Anatomy app

  • Anatomy of the human body muscular system
  • Visualize the origin & insertion of each muscle
  • Watch all Animations, pictures, and diagrams
  • 3D anatomy of the human skeletal system
  • 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System
  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Kinesiology videos





  • Learn to identify Common Postural Disorders!
  • Therapeutic exercises for Postural Disorders
  • Full access to the eBook by Dr. Gill Solberg
  • Watch all Animations and pictures in 3D
  • A full chapter for Postural tests/assessments
  • 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System