About Dr. Gill Solberg

Dr. Gill Solberg is Co-Founder of the ‘Muscle and Motion’ Posture, Yoga, and Kyphosis correction apps.

Dr. Gill Solberg, a teacher of movement and of yoga, graduated from the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute in Israel, with a specialization in postural disorders. For 12 years Dr. Solberg has been a diagnostician and head therapist at the  Biggest therapeutic Sports Center in Israel and was also in charge of hydrotherapy and adapted movement for children with postural disorders.

During his advanced studies, he specialized in clinical kinesiology and in adapted physical activity for populations with special needs, which was also the subject of his doctoral thesis.

Dr. Solberg has been a teacher of movement since 1985 and since then has been a lecturer in various Academic institutions of Movement and Sport Sciences. His main areas of teaching include Anatomy and Kinesiology of the Movement System, Diagnosing and Treating Postural Disorders, Motor Learning and Control, and Diagnosing Psychomotor Disorders in Populations with Special Needs. He moderates courses and workshops for movement and rehabilitation therapists in Israel and the United States, publishes articles in his areas of specialization, and presents his work at many professional conventions around the world.

Dr. Solberg also conducts a private clinic that offers physical therapy and adapted activity for patients with postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction. He lectures about rehabilitative movement to therapists in inservice courses.

Dr. Solberg has published articles in his areas of specialization and presents his work at many professional congresses around the world.



The integrative approach of Dr. Gill Solberg:

Dr. Solberg developed a unique integrative approach (which is taught today as part of a year-long course for therapists, and also in few training programs in Israel and the United States).

During the year the clinic hold conducts courses, lectures, and in-depth workshops on posture, movement, and therapy. This high academic level courses are intended for instructors of any and all methods: teachers of movement, Pilates, Feldenkraiz, yoga, martial arts, hydrotherapy, gym instructors, touch therapists, paramedical therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

My way in Yoga

In 1957 Swami Venkatesananda, a very close disciple of Swami Sivananda– arrived in Israel and soon afterward asked my mother to start teaching Yoga.
He gave her one of the first teaching certificates in Israel.

And so, Swamiji as we all called him, began influencing my life when I was 4 years old as my mother’s teacher and guru. This continued for the next 20 years.

In 1979 Swami Venkatesananda introduced my mother to Sri Desikachar – son of Krishnamacharya – and advised her to learn his system of Yoga – The Vinyasa Krama Way.

Over the years my mother founded The Yoga Teachers Association in Israel and opened the first School for yoga teachers at the Wingate Institute.


And so, with this background, I also became a Yoga teacher, beginning to teach in 1985.

During my first years of teaching, I recognized the multifactorial nature of various postural problems I encountered in class and the difficulty in establishing an accurate definition of “posture norms”.

I realized that understanding and internalizing the specific principles underlying the human movement system would enable me to move the body according to its own structural dictates. I felt that with deeper knowledge and understanding, my Yoga teaching could provide balanced asanas, improve training results, and prevent injuries.

I decided to enhance my teaching abilities and my graduate studies specialized in Clinical Kinesiology and Postural Disorders. I also spent a few years teaching and conducting research in Grahamstown South Africa.


I believe that the basis for a balanced Yoga session lies in the teacher’s ability to internalize the idea that people come in different sizes. Therefore, a responsible teacher relates to differences in learners and their needs, predicated on the movement patterns unique to each learner.

After the publication of my book “Postural Disorders and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction,” I sought other tools for delving more deeply into the anatomy and kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system, in order to develop a new standard for learning anatomy using a comprehensive integrative approach


During the past 10 years, while developing the new and advanced YOGA app with my partners ‘Muscle and Motion’, I knew that we had found the way!


The purpose of this fascinating app is to expand and enrich the use of Yoga asanas both therapeutically and in regular activity for improving postural patterns in daily functioning.

Since each movement limitation depends on a plethora of causal factors, the app sets down all the information needed by Yoga teachers and therapists. The material is organized in a way that facilitates easy integration of both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching.

I truly believe that the most important component for providing good, safe, and helpful Yoga practice, in any method, is proper guidance from a professional teacher equipped with a winning combination of modesty and professionalism. As Lao Tse said: With man, as with working the earth…there is nothing like moderation.


Our app contributes important practical tools, which in my opinion is a must for any yoga teacher.

The Book

Author of the book (that is part of the software), “Postural Disorders and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment” (Churchill Livingstone – Elsevier).

The book was received enthusiastically around the world and was published by Elsevier in English, Chinese, and Korean.
Today it serves as a textbook in most academic institutions and schools of physical therapy in the United States, Europe, and the Far East.

The book presents a comprehensive integrative approach to treating postural disorders and sought to set down most of the basic information needed by teachers, and therapists working with various cases of postural disorders.

The book is intended to raise awareness about a subject that has been shunted to the sidelines and to a certain extent snubbed by many professionals. Orthopaedists recognize the existence of posture, but except for cases requiring treatment entailing a brace or surgery, the attitude is one of general avoidance.

This attitude derives from a view of posture problems as a matter of aesthetics or behavior, to which orthopedics has no commitment because they do not pose a danger to life or general functioning. Physical therapy treats posture with a modicum of respect but its daily routine encounters such a broad range of musculoskeletal problems that there is little time to deal with posture. On the other hand, Yoga teachers recognize, respect, and even like to deal with the subject, but too often without the theoretical basis necessary for constructing a responsible, controlled therapeutic system. The book provides the thread that connects these three domains.

Posture app


Developer, in conjunction with the Muscle&Motion Company, the first and most advanced software in the world for learning anatomy and kinesiology of Human Posture.

But first, foremost and above all, he breathes and loves movement. “My father owned a garage and my mother was a yoga teacher. For years I felt that the educational continuum I grew up on ranged from a monkey wrench at one end to an incense stick at the other…But in the end this educational contrast allowed me to reach some sort of balance which is reflected in my professional approach. So, even though I combine a variety of methods in my work – my father’s heavy toolbox keeps me well anchored to the ground…and I tend to seek the scientific basis in and for everything”.

Yoga app

The Yoga app focuses on the anatomy and kinesiology of yoga postures and instills a deep understanding of the wisdom of ancient yoga – in the spirit of the modern world.

The app focuses on the applicative side of adapting yoga to western civilization and also adapting the nature of the yoga practice to the posture patterns of the yoga student. In this way, we highlight complex kinesiological aspects that till now have not been addressed clearly and in terms of their applications.

I am an advanced Yoga teacher who actually entered the world of Yoga at the age of ….. 4!


Kyphosis app

A new app for treating and preventing rounded back is brought to you by “Muscle and Motion” and Dr. Gill Solberg, a world-renowned posture dysfunction expert.

This unique app contains high quality and original exercises, with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.

Kyphosis & rounded back

Dr. Gill Solberg in his own words:

During the first years of my teaching, I recognized the multifactorial nature of various postural problems that are seen in classes and the difficulty in establishing an accurate definition of “posture norms”. I realized that Understanding and internalizing the specific principles underlying the human movement system will enable me to move the body according to its own structural dictates. I felt that With deeper knowledge and understanding, my teaching can provide balanced exercises, improve training results, and prevent damage.