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“Muscle and Motion” provides educators at hundreds of colleges and universities around the world with an effective teaching tool of 3D animated software. Muscle and Motion’s apps are perfect to support your curriculum and help students understand and see the anatomy of the human body in motion.


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University Reviews

A partial list of Universities using Muscle and Motion – Strength training:

Penn State University
Arizona State University
Washington State University
University of North Carolina – Greensboro (UNCG)
Mississippi University for Women
Indiana University
Life University
DeSales University
Mercy College – Occupational Therapy Graduate Program
National Personal Training Institute of Ohio
RMIT University – Discipline of exercise sciences
Furman University
Boston College – O’Neill Library
Wingate University
University of Brasilia
Owens Community College
University of Bologna
Victorian College
TAFE College
Fakultet medicinskih Nauka Univerzitet u Kragujevcu
Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg
Hedmark University College – NORWAY
Sacred Heart University
KS College of Physiotherapy
Community College of Rhode Island
West University of Timisoara

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When you can’t find the words to fully explain something about exercise, Muscle and Motion will show you the way!

I cannot say enough great things about your website and content. It is invaluable and has helped me as both a physical therapist and a pro natural bodybuilder.
The visual imagery improves my own training because it gives me a mental image to focus on while executing my lifts.
The depiction of common mistakes and technique flaws is also a key element of this program. When you can’t find the words to fully explain something about exercise, Muscle and Motion will show you the way! It has been a great reference for patient education as well as for my own continuing education.

Muscle and Motion is a must-have resource for healthcare practitioners, fitness enthusiasts, coaches, trainers, and anyone who wants to better understand exercise and how the body works.
Nicholas M. Licameli / Doctor of Physical Therapy / Pro Natural Bodybuilder

“These programs have greatly improved my understanding of human anatomy and movement”

‘Muscle & Motion Strength Training’ and ‘Muscle & Motion Anatomy’ are both incredible programs! Even after taking graduate courses in anatomy and dissecting human cadavers for a whole year, these programs have greatly improved my understanding of human anatomy and movement. The programs demonstrate the actions of muscles much better than a textbook can, and it’s very helpful to see the actual muscle contracting in the program. I can’t recommend these programs highly enough! They’re a must for anyone serious about understanding musculoskeletal anatomy and human movement! I am about to start a position as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology, and I plan on recommending these programs to all of the students in my Anatomical Kinesiology courses!

Grant Tinsley / Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology | Texas Tech University, USA

“Thank you for this incredible learning and teaching tool!”

We use the program every summer and fall in the USC Kinesiology course! I have been teaching kinesiology for almost a decade and ever since I have discovered MuscleandMotion, it has changed the way I present material, review material, and teach material. Our students find that the dynamic movement and sample exercises and motions presented give them a more accurate appreciation of the line of pull and how the muscle actually functions during an activity. Muscle&Motion helps this content COME TO LIFE. It makes a HUGE difference when you can see the muscle moving (and appreciate its movement during an activity) than just looking at a picture in a book or trying to memorize origins and insertions from a flash card. It’s a brilliant supplement to our course. Thank you for this incredible learning and teaching tool! THANKS AS ALWAYS for helping us out! The students and I truly love the program and it’s seriously one of the most effective tools we can offer to provide a visual to the words!

Samia H. Rafeedie / OTD, OTR/L, CBIS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy | University of Southern California, USA


I am an Occupational Therapist who does multiple presentations at the state/national level; education to physical therapists and occupational therapists at a large free standing rehab facility and to college classes. I am loving it as I look at all it has to offer, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the videos thinking of educating – WOW IT IS TERRIFIC!!! I cannot wait to show [my fellow presenter with whom I am working for a three hour state presentation], the possibilities with your system compared to the other systems out there. I cannot wait to show it to my professor pals who can teach their students to use it for learning during anatomy; kinesiology; motor control courses etc…

Debra Ouellette / MS, OTR/L, SCLV | California, USA

“If you teach Anatomical Kinesiology and don’t use M&M, you are missing out.”

Muscle & Motion (M&M) is the best teaching resource, especially for Anatomical Kinesiology, that I have seen in my 25 years in higher education. It allows the student to become genuinely engaged in material that can otherwise be dry and non-stimulating. The graphics are unbelievable. All material is scientifically sound and the authors regularly update content. My plan in the future is to do away with requiring a textbook and will have each student order M&M-Strength Training instead. All M&M products are affordable and the M&M staff is highly responsive, courteous, and helpful. If you teach Anatomical Kinesiology and don’t use M&M, you are missing out.

Mark H. Bean / Ph.D, ACSM Certified Program Director, Professor and Chair of Department of Health & Kinesiology, Mississippi University for Women | Mississippi, USA