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At Muscle and Motion, we offer four premium apps, each tailored to specific needs and interests in the realm of fitness and movement. Understanding the unique features of each app can help you decide which one aligns best with your goals:


1. Anatomy App

  • Foundation: This is our basic app, and its content is included in all our other apps: Strength Training, Posture, and Yoga!
    • Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Kinesiology videos
    • Watch in 3D the origin, insertion, and action of each muscle
  • Ideal For: Anyone seeking a fundamental understanding of human anatomy in motion.

2. Strength Training App

  • Comprehensive: Includes all content from the Anatomy App, plus:
    • Over 1200 exercises with anatomical analysis.
    • Common mistakes in exercises.
    • Workout plan builder.
    • Tests and assessments videos.
  • Ideal For: Fitness professionals, personal trainers, and anyone interested in detailed strength training and movement analysis.

3. Yoga App

  • Specialized: Contains all Anatomy App content, in addition to:
    • Detailed 3D anatomy views of yoga poses/asanas.
    • Common issues and preparatory exercises for each asana.
  • Ideal For: Yoga instructors and practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the anatomical aspects of yoga.

4. Posture App

  • Extensive: Contains all Anatomy App content, in addition to:
    • Therapeutic exercise videos.
    • Information on postural disorders.
    • Additional tests and assessments.
  • Ideal For: Those focusing on posture improvement, physical therapists, and anyone interested in the therapeutic aspects of movement.

5. Kyphosis App

  • An 8-week treatment program for kyphosis and rounded back.
  • Join “Muscle and Motion” & Dr. Gill Solberg for a comprehensive and very effective 8-week treatment program for Kyphosis and rounded back problems.
  • Ideal For: Those suffering from Kyphosis.


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To fully enjoy what we offer, you only need to subscribe to three of our apps: the Strength Training App, the Posture App, and the Yoga App.

Subscription Details:

  • Three Separate Subscriptions: Currently, we do not offer a single subscription that covers all apps. You will need to subscribe individually to each of these three apps – Strength Training, Posture, and Yoga.


  • Inclusive Content: All three apps include the complete content from our Anatomy app. This means that by subscribing to these apps, you get the benefit of the Anatomy app’s content as well.
    * You won’t be able to access the Anatomy app with your Strength Training/Yoga/Posture apps subscription.


  • Anatomy App Integration: In the main menu of each app, you will find sections titled “Muscular Anatomy,” “Kinesiology & Skeletal,” and “Theory.” These sections are directly from our Anatomy app, ensuring that you have access to comprehensive anatomical information across all three apps.


By subscribing to the Strength Training, Posture, and Yoga apps, you gain a broad spectrum of content covering various aspects of fitness and anatomy. Each subscription brings its unique value, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of movement and body mechanics.

ANATOMY: The Anatomy product makes musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology easier to learn, understand and remember.


• More than 2000 unique videos in 3D
• Watch in 3D the origin, insertion, and action of each muscle
• 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System
• 3D Anatomy of the Skeletal System
• 3D Kinesiology
• 3D Energy Mechanism

Who It Benefits?

• Kinesiology & Anatomy Students
• University & College Professors

*You can access the Anatomy product on all devices (iOS, Android, PC/Mac)

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Strength Training: Muscle&Motion’s most popular app contains a very rich, visual, professional, and regularly updated knowledge base.


• All Anatomy app content +
• Workout Plans Builder – Create customized workouts
• 1200 exercises with full anatomical analysis
• Common mistakes to avoid (Do’s & Don’ts)
• Full Theory Chapter with 200 Video Lessons

Who It Benefits?
• Personal Fitness Trainers & Coaches
• Strength and Conditioning Coaches
• Pilates, Dance & Yoga Instructors
• Bodybuilders & Athletes
• Chiropractors and Physical/Occupational Therapists
• Kinesiology & Anatomy Students
• Fitness Enthusiasts
*You can access the Strength Training product on all devices (iOS, Android, PC/Mac)

Posture: Groundbreaking new premium software in the field of Human Posture.


• All Anatomy app content +
• Postural disorder videos: Kyphosis, Lordosis, Flat Back, Scoliosis.
• Full access to Dr. Gill Solberg eBook: Postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment
• 3D Stretching Anatomy
• Therapeutic exercises videos
• Postural tests&assessments

Who It Benefits?

This comprehensive professional software was built especially for teachers, therapists, and instructors of all movement methods, who beginning tomorrow, would like to integrate the treatment of posture problems such as lordosis, kyphosis, flatback, and scoliosis in their work, and add a new dimension to their training.

• Personal Fitness Trainers & Coaches
• Pilates, Dance & Yoga Instructors
• Orthopedics
• Chiropractors
• Physical/Occupational Therapists
• Massage Therapists
• Kinesiology & Anatomy Students

*You can access the Posture product on all devices (iOS, Android, PC/Mac)

Yoga: Take your yoga classes to the next level with a deeper understanding of each Asana.


• All Anatomy app content +
• The muscular system in yoga: See all the muscles in 3D
• Common yoga problems and how to avoid them!
• How to build a balanced vinyasa to improve lesson results
• Precise anatomical analysis of classical asanas
• The muscular system of yoga: See all the muscles in 3D

Who It Benefits?

• Yoga Teachers & Students
• Yoga/Pilates Studios
• Yoga/Pilates Instructors
• Physiotherapists
• Anyone who wants to improve lesson results and avoid injuries!
• Yogis on all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

*You can access the Yoga product on all devices (iOS, Android, PC/Mac)

Kyphosis App: An 8-week workout program.

A new app for treating and preventing rounded back is brought to you by “Muscle and Motion” and Dr. Gill Solberg, a world-renowned posture dysfunction expert.

This unique app contains high quality and original exercises, with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.


The app is available on Mobile and Tablets/iPad (iOS & Android)

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Muscle & Motion

Anatomy App

This easy-to-use app for anatomy students and instructors makes musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology easier to learn, understand and remember!!!

Over 2000 unique 3D videos show all human muscles in motion, the origin and Insertion, muscle movement, and more!

If you’re a student, this app is guaranteed to increase your understanding and grades. If you’re an educator, help your students excel in their studies! They will love you for it.

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Muscle & Motion

Strength Training App

Become a Movement Professional with the best personal training education in the world!

Understanding the anatomy & biomechanics of exercises will help you create better workout plans and help your clients achieve their goals!

Your professional app for acquiring advanced knowledge on strength training, functional training, stretching anatomy, and much more!
Now with the option to build & assign customized workout plans!

The Strength Training app contains the entire Anatomy app content.

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Muscle & Motion

Posture App

Learn to identify Common Postural Disorders!

We are sharing with you a tremendous store of knowledge acquired over many years about the movement and posture system!
Muscle and Motion's Posture app will teach you how to evaluate the underlying causes for postural challenges and show you simple ways to help your clients break old movement patterns and develop a healthier posture.

The Posture app contains the entire Anatomy app content.

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Muscle & Motion

Yoga App

Take your Yoga Classes to the next level

This advanced app enables you to look “under the skin” in 3D form and directly observe the world of anatomy and posture during yoga workouts.
See how muscles act as they stretch in each position and deepen your understanding of the effects of common postural problems.
All of the content in the Yoga app is presented visually, in spectacular 3D animation!

The Yoga app contains the entire Anatomy app content.

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