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A new app for treating and preventing rounded back is brought to you by “Muscle and Motion” and Dr. Gill Solberg, a world-renowned posture dysfunction expert.

This unique app contains high quality and original exercises, with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.


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Kyphosis & rounded back

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Join “Muscle and Motion” & Dr. Gill Solberg for a comprehensive and very effective 8-week treatment program for Kyphosis and rounded back problems.

Get a list of outstanding exercises for improving ranges of movement, including full explanations!

Each exercise was carefully tested and adapted to effectively treat kyphosis and rounded back.

If you follow the program and perform the exercises regularly, every day, you will see significant improvement in your posture patterns!

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Postural treatment for Kyphosis and Rounded back problems

+ A comprehensive and very effective movement treatment, developed by Dr. Gill Solberg

+ An 8-week corrective program with full instructions

+ Access available on mobile phones and tablets (iOS & Android)

Kyphosis is a condition in which the thoracic vertebrae develop excessive curvature.

Visually, kyphosis is evident in a greater convexity of the thoracic (chest) vertebrae, which is also characterized by a forward tilting of the shoulders and head. In addition, excessive curvatures may also be created in the cervical and lumbar spine as part of compensatory processes created by the body.


Common characteristics of kyphosis

+ Rounded back with greater thoracic curve

+ Shoulders slouch forward and the scapula is in protraction

+ The head tilts forward

+ Thoracic rigidity/stiffness (mainly in extension and rotation of the thoracic vertebrae)

+ The chest muscles (Pectoralis major/minor) are short

+ Weakness in the deep erector spinae muscles and the scapular retractors

+ Greater curves may be created in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae as well, as a result of the body’s compensatory processes

+ Short superficial breathing because of limited chest cavity mobility

+ Low body awareness

+ Short hamstrings

+ Short cervical extensors


In working on this program we delved into the anatomy and kinesiology of the Locomotor / musculoskeletal system and developed a very effective evidence-based life-changing therapeutic program that actually is suitable to anyone who would like to prevent Kyphosis.

The complex structure of the spine makes movement possible in many movement planes. This movement is the total of small partial movements that occur between one vertebra and another according to the chain principle. For this reason, spinal mobility, in general, is affected by the regular movement and functioning of the dozens of small joints between the vertebrae. A local constraint directly affects range of movement in that particular area, and indirectly affects other areas above and below the problem area.

Therefore, specific thoracic spinal mobility is needed on a daily basis. We have designed the best isolated and integrated mobility exercises that are very effective.

This unique and professional app contains very high quality and original exercises, with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.

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Meet the Team Behind the App


Dr. Gill Solberg

Dr. Gill Solberg graduated from the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute with a specialization in posture disorders.

During his advanced studies, he specialized in clinical kinesiology and in adapted physical activity for populations with special needs, which was also the subject of his doctoral thesis

Since 1994 he has been a lecturer at several academic institutions in Israel. His main areas of teaching include anatomy of the movement system, kinesiology, diagnosing and treating posture disorders, and identifying psychomotor disorders among populations with special needs.

Dr. Solberg has published articles in his areas of specialization and has presented his work at many professional congresses around the world.

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Our products serve a wide audience from the anatomy student to physical and massage therapists, educators, personal trainers, athletes and anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the muscular motions of movement.

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This is the time to straighten up, feel better and more energetic!

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