Our Company

Muscle and Motion, founded in 2001,  is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in creating unique 3D animations that illuminate the intricacies of human movement and sports biomechanics. Our expertise lies in capturing the essence of anatomy and biomechanics, focusing exclusively on the body’s musculoskeletal system in motion.

With precision and creativity, we bring the complex interplay of muscles, joints, and bones to life, providing invaluable insights into the mechanics of movement and athletic performance.

Core Focus

At Muscle and Motion, our core focus is on dissecting the art of movement.

Unlike traditional anatomical apps/software, we do not delve into the depths of the entire human body, excluding facial organs, heart, lungs, and similar structures.

Instead, we specialize in showcasing the complexities of active muscles and joints, offering a unique view of how the human body functions during various physical activities and sports, like strength training exercises, functional training exercises, stretching, yoga poses, etc.

Educational Impact

Muscle and Motion is not merely a technology company; we are educators at heart.

Our animations have a transformative impact on learning experiences, breaking down complex anatomical and biomechanical concepts into digestible visualizations.

By simplifying the understanding of movement, we enable learners to grasp the nuances of sports techniques, injury prevention, and rehabilitation strategies. Our work ultimately improves athletic performance, anatomy & biomechanics knowledge, injury prevention, and overall physical well-being.

Our products serve a wide audience, from personal trainers and anatomy students to physical and massage therapists, educators, athletes, and anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the muscular motions of movement.


Please visit our Reviews page to learn how Muscle and Motion have benefited professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

Our Team

Amit Gal Alon



Amit’s passion for fitness has helped him overcome cancer four times. Click here to read more

Amit Gal Alon is a graduate of the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute. His specialization is the kinesiology and anatomy of the movement system. He also earned a multimedia and visual communications degree at Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Gill Solberg

Yoga & Posture Apps Co-Founder


Dr. Gill Solberg, a teacher of movement and yoga, graduated from the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute with a specialization in posture disorders. During his advanced studies, he specialized in clinical kinesiology and adapted physical activity for populations with special needs, which was also the subject of his doctoral thesis. Dr. Solberg has published articles in his areas of specialization and has presented his work at many professional congresses worldwide. Click here to read more

Asaf Alon



Asaf Alon is the driving force behind Muscle and Motion and our esteemed CEO. With rich experience spanning several years in marketing and employee motivation, Asaf brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and passion to our organization.

Rony Solberg

Physical therapist


A physical therapist in the neurological department of Rehabilitation Sourasky Medical Center, Therapist of postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction in a private clinic, Pilates instructor of groups and individuals, and provides adapted movement therapy for seniors.

Maor Elmaliach

Physical Therapist


A physical therapist at “Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center,” a therapist of postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction in a private clinic, and a certified fitness trainer, has extensive experience guiding physical activities specifically adapted to populations facing difficulties and limitations within the movement system. M.Sc.PT student.

Uriah Turkel

Content Creator


A Physical Therapist graduated from Ariel University School of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Department.

His areas of expertise are anatomy, kinesiology, sports rehabilitation, gait analysis, rheumatology, and pain neuroscience. Additionally, he is the founder of the educational YouTube channel called PhysioTalk. Today, Uriah Turkel works as a content creator specialist at Muscle and Motion while treating patients with musculoskeletal impairments.

Matan Ben Amram

3D animator


Matan is a 3D animator with a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Matan contributes as an animator at Muscle and Motion, utilizing his skills to bring the 3D model to life within the app and crafting dynamic motion graphics. With a strong background in the industry, Matan’s role involves delivering captivating visual experiences that engage and inspire audiences.

Adele Shteinman

UI/UX designer


I’m a young and passionate UI/UX designer. My approach revolves around placing the user at the heart of everything I do, and this commitment drives me to develop intuitive, user-centric solutions that are both functional and visually striking.

Matan Gilat

Product Manager


Matan Gilat is a Product Manager, with vast experience in elevating customer-facing products to new heights.

With a strong background as a product, project, and content manager, Matan is pushing Muscle and Motion’s products to stand out as a key company in the market of personal training, anatomy & fitness and meeting the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Romit Barratson Sagi

Project Manager


Romit is our Project Manager and Copy Editor, responsible for project management across our apps and content. Romit is an experienced marketing and digital project manager with over 15 years of experience across various fields in corporations and startups. Romit holds a BA in Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an MSc. in Sociology from the LSE, and has completed yoga teacher training (YTT500).


Ohad Interator


Special thanks to Ohad Interator, who helped us present the material in the exercises sections with great professional insight and rich therapeutic experience.

We highly appreciate his kindness and generosity in offering his ideas, materials, applications, and knowledge.


Ryan R. Fairall, PhD

Ryan R. Fairall, PhD, CSCS, ACSM-EP, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. He has worked in the fields of health/fitness and sports since the year 2000, has been a certified personal trainer since 2003, and has been instructing in higher education since 2015. In his free time, Ryan enjoys being physically active, lifting weights, playing sports, kayaking, fishing, going on walks with his female Shih Tzu named Bledsoe, and watching his hometown Philadelphia sports teams, although frustrating at times.

Kevin Carr

Functional Training Anatomy online course Co-Founder


Kevin is a strength and conditioning coach and manager at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) as well as a massage therapist and cofounder of Movement as Medicine, a massage and movement therapy clinic in Woburn, Massachusetts. He is the creator of the Certified Functional Strength Coach certification. He has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a license in massage therapy from Cortiva Institute in Watertown, Maryland.

David O’Sullivan

Anterior Knee Pain online course Co-Founder


Dave O’Sullivan is a Chartered Physiotherapist and holds a master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. Dave is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Physiotherapy. Since completing his degree, Dave has had an impressive range of professional sports and clinical experience, including work as a consultant rugby physiotherapist for the England Rugby Union.

Our Story

It started with one cancer patient’s dream to give back to the fantastic medical professionals, physical therapists, and fitness trainers who helped him recover and rehabilitate after four life-threatening battles with tumors…

Muscle and Motion is one of the most complete resources on muscular and anatomical dynamics in the world. With thousands of hours of detailed 3D animated videos of muscle functions and movement, our apps and online courses help anatomy students, physical and massage therapists, educators, personal trainers, athletes, fitness coaches, and fitness enthusiasts enhance their knowledge of muscle movement.
But it is also the perfect example that something truly meaningful can come out of going through devastating challenges and battling with life-threatening illness…
A long battle with cancer…

When most people think of cancer, the detrimental effects of chemotherapy come to mind. But what fewer people think about is the enormous toll the disease takes on your body and mind, and the colossal challenge it is to gain back lost muscle after the battle with the disease itself is over.

In 1995, Amit Gal Alon was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the beginning of over ten years of struggle with cancer. Unable to eat or exercise and hardly able to move his body at all, Amit lost 15 kilos of muscle during his treatment.

He was so weak that even the simplest motion of lifting his arms above his head became a task too difficult to perform.
But instead of giving up, he found the determination to work hard to gain back his strength. He started educating himself on muscular functions and how to train effectively and safely. Exercise became a lifeline with which he could pull himself out of the grip of the disease. The neighborhood gym became a safe haven, letting him escape from the depressive thoughts about his illness. Here, he could focus on strengthening his muscles and rebuilding his body without thinking of anything else.
Developing the most visual tool to understand the anatomy of muscles

When the treatment concluded, and his body had beat the tumor, Amit enrolled in physical education at college. Besides his study of Clinical Kinesiology and muscle movement, he started exploring 3D Graphic Design. During his studies and later as a teacher of anatomy and kinesiology, he started seeing the limitations of textbook illustrations:

Why were there not a better learning tool for visual learners? One that made it easy to get an overview of how muscles move?
So, he decided to use his skills as a graphic designer and knowledge of human anatomy to create a unique and essential visual aid for educating individuals and businesses on muscle movement.
Scientifically sound resources developed by leading experts in anatomy

In 2001, Amit’s efforts led to the official launch of Muscle and Motion — which, over the last 18 years, has grown into one of the best available resources for easy-to-understand visual representations of human anatomy and muscle functions.

To guarantee the scientific quality of the resources, Amit believes that meaningful collaborations are the foundation of innovation and progress. Amit teamed up with Dr. Gill Solberg, whose advanced studies specialize in clinical kinesiology, posture disorders, and adapted physical activity for people with special needs, adding an extra dimension of knowledge to our growing library of resources.

Still expanding with new learning tools, resources, and technologies.

Today, Muscle and Motion offers a range of apps and online courses, helping professionals and enthusiasts in the sports, health, and fitness spheres in over 100 countries worldwide. With a video library containing over 4,000 hours of detailed 3D animation of specific muscle contractions and movements, we make it easy for students across almost 300 universities worldwide to understand muscles and their movements.

Almost two decades after launching Muscle&Motion, Amit Gal Alon and his team are still passionate about making muscle movement easy to understand for people around the world. We continue to develop new content and adapt to new technology platforms so our users get the best learning materials possible.

To read more about how our resources help educators and educational institutions every semester, click here, or how we help gyms, physical trainers, and athletes get the most out of training and eliminate injuries, click here.