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“provides a 360-degree visual of body movements”

Our school is in need of an effective demonstration tool for the lab. Muscle & Motion is the perfect tool for this job because it is able to demonstrate every movement that the body is able to perform. Every important muscle is represented, and the program allows the removal of layers to see deeper muscles. Unlike textbooks and physical models, this program animates the body and provides a 360-degree visual of body movements. This feature is particularly important for explaining the more complex movements and visualizing how the muscles interact with the skeletal system and other muscles.

Josh Linsell / CSCS Graduate Student Personal Trainer | SDFC Arizona State

“These programs have greatly improved my understanding of human anatomy and movement”

‘Muscle & Motion Strength Training’ and ‘Muscle & Motion Anatomy’ are both incredible programs! Even after taking graduate courses in anatomy and dissecting human cadavers for a whole year, these programs have greatly improved my understanding of human anatomy and movement. The programs demonstrate the actions of muscles much better than a textbook can, and it’s very helpful to see the actual muscle contracting in the program. I can’t recommend these programs highly enough! They’re a must for anyone serious about understanding musculoskeletal anatomy and human movement! I am about to start a position as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology, and I plan on recommending these programs to all of the students in my Anatomical Kinesiology courses!

Grant Tinsley / Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology | Texas Tech University, USA

“It makes a HUGE difference when you can see the muscle moving”

We use the program every summer and fall in the USC Kinesiology course! I have been teaching kinesiology for almost a decade and ever since I have discovered MuscleandMotion, it has changed the way I present material, review material, and teach material. Our students find that the dynamic movement and sample exercises and motions presented give them a more accurate appreciation of the line of pull and how the muscle actually functions during an activity. Muscle&Motion helps this content COME TO LIFE. It makes a HUGE difference when you can see the muscle moving (and appreciate its movement during an activity) than just looking at a picture in a book or trying to memorize origins and insertions from a flash card. It’s a brilliant supplement to our course. Thank you for this incredible learning and teaching tool! THANKS AS ALWAYS for helping us out! The students and I truly love the program and it’s seriously one of the most effective tools we can offer to provide a visual to the words!

Samia H. Rafeedie / OTD, OTR/L, CBIS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy | University of Southern California, USA


I am an Occupational Therapist who does multiple presentations at the state/national level; education to physical therapists and occupational therapists at a large free standing rehab facility and to college classes. I am loving it as I look at all it has to offer, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the videos thinking of educating – WOW IT IS TERRIFIC!!! I cannot wait to show [my fellow presenter with whom I am working for a three hour state presentation], the possibilities with your system compared to the other systems out there. I cannot wait to show it to my professor pals who can teach their students to use it for learning during anatomy; kinesiology; motor control courses etc…

Debra Ouellette / MS, OTR/L, SCLV | California, USA

“If you teach Anatomical Kinesiology and don’t use M&M, you are missing out.”

Muscle & Motion (M&M) is the best teaching resource, especially for Anatomical Kinesiology, that I have seen in my 25 years in higher education. It allows the student to become genuinely engaged in material that can otherwise be dry and non-stimulating. The graphics are unbelievable. All material is scientifically sound and the authors regularly update content. My plan in the future is to do away with requiring a textbook and will have each student order M&M-Strength Training instead. All M&M products are affordable and the M&M staff is highly responsive, courteous, and helpful. If you teach Anatomical Kinesiology and don’t use M&M, you are missing out.

Mark H. Bean / Ph.D, ACSM Certified Program Director, Professor and Chair of Department of Health & Kinesiology, Mississippi University for Women | Mississippi, USA


“Your website is amazing!! Absolutely flawless”

Your website is amazing!! Absolutely flawless and when I pass my boards and get a job I will definitely sign up again. Thank you for taking the time to create such an intelligent site and making it affordable for people with average incomes.
Ashley Courtney / A.C., Student

“I love to learn from Muscle and Motion”

I’m a med student, currently in my third year, and I’m also taking classes for being a personal trainer, sport coach and muscle instructor. Your videos help me in understanding the biomechanics of exercise and how to avoid injury. I myself have some injuries and your videos and info have helped me a lot in that as well! I love to learn from your website.

Franco Moreno / Medical Student | Argentina

“It teaches you not just how to do exercises correctly but why”

My review of the program is that it’s great for everyone, whether they are a fitness professional or someone learning to exercise! I’m a student in Exercise Science, as well as a trainer, and have used this program in class before and absolutely love it. It teaches you not just how to do exercises correctly but why; and shows you the anatomy involved in the exercise.

Alejandrino Trujillo / Exercise Science Student | Pennsylvania, USA

“I simply want to say thank you for developing such a fantastic 3D imaging program.”

I just recently subscribed to your program “Muscle&Motion Strength Training” in order to develop a deeper understanding of muscles and how they perform in motion. I am a student of massage therapy and fully understanding muscles is essential to my success as a medical massage therapist. Also, I plan to pursue a certification in personal training one day, so the strength training section of your program has helped me immensely. I simply want to say thank you for developing such a fantastic 3D imaging program of muscles. I am a very visual learner. It is hard to learn about muscles simply by reading about them… and I find visual aids much more helpful, particularly 3D motion videos. However, I have searched to internet far and wide, and I have yet to find any other resource that has helped me to fully understand and visualize muscles and their actions the way your program has helped me. Fantastic job! I can’t wait to keep getting updated videos every month! Keep up the good work.

Stephanie Bennet / LMT, Medical Massage Student | Florida, USA

Physical & Massage Therapists

“I have many other apps to use, but yours is easier to work with.”

I have many other apps that are good at showing the muscle, insertion and origination, but yours is easier to work with. And actually seeing the muscle movement really helps solidify its function as to which way it moves and functions on the skeleton when fired by the corresponding nerves. The other apps do not show the muscle in motion and when I see it, it helps me to remember how it works and moves, can’t wait for an iPad version! I will… tell as many other interested people as possible, you deserve it. Thanks again.

Steven Tiede / Massage Therapist | California, USA

“They are the perfect tool to help clients understand”

I absolutely love Muscle and Motion Videos. They are the perfect tool to help clients understand why they might be having pain after certain exercises, or why they may not be getting the results they’re after. The videos highlight the different muscle/body connections and provide an easy way for clients to visualise which muscle to contract versus where to stabilise. Highly, highly recommend!

Kole-ena Hunter / Physiotherapist | Australia

“I cannot even begin to tell you how valuable this software is to me”

I am a massage therapist whose main focus is working with athletes, bodybuilders and power lifters. I cannot even begin to tell you how valuable this software is to me. When an athlete comes to me complaining of pain from a particular exercise or lift I immediately look it up on your program and know which muscles to work. It helps my clients understand why I am treating them in a particular fashion and also why I can recommend specific massage to help them improve their athletic performance. Hey think I’m brilliant! (but you and I both know it’s your software that makes me that way!!) Once again please accept my sincere thanks for such a wonderful product.

Kelly Jacobus / RMT | New Jersey, USA

“Your videos are an excellent tool for me and my patients”

I am a big fan of your page! Your videos are an excellent tool for me and my patients because it helps all of us understand the proper motion of each muscle. I see sport and gym related injuries all the time at my clinic and I always tend to pull up your videos on my laptop to properly explain what may have happened to them. My patients always compliment on how well the videos are put together, which I agree. I plan to continue my use of your videos throughout my career.
Ailene Tam / RMT

“Muscle&Motion is the best resources that a Fitness professional could find”

I found in Muscle and Motion one of the best resources that a Fitness professional could find. Having worked in the Physical therapy industry for 6 years I can tell you I have seen a lot books and a lot of software throughout my career pertaining to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. This software is excellent and exceeds all other software in mainly three aspects: 1. You can see LIVE all the moving parts of the skeletal and muscular system. Giving you an X-ray like vision that brings the theory in books all together. 2. Common exercises are explained in great detail, which serves gym trainers and any person to find out what muscles are they really working or should be feeling. This is HUGE as one of main mistakes people make is doing anything they find in a magazine not knowing what they’re really working. 3. Price is unmatched in affordability. Whether you get one month or an annual subscription the price is extremely affordable compared to other resources I’ve payed for and have not lived up to my expectations.

You can tell that whoever makes this software has real passion for what they’re doing. Their attention to detail, to explain in simple terms complex subjects of the human body shows that someone really takes the time to simplify it and makes it easier to understand.
I found this on YouTube by accident but it was the best find and the best investment I could ever make. In only one month I was able to explain better to my clients why things happen they way they do. Working also at a gym setting I was able to get another couple of trainer to get the software for themselves and they have also find it to be an excellent source and improve their business almost immediately. Thanks for a great software and the opportunity to make my career better.

Miguel Obando / Physical Therapist

Fitness Instructors & Coaches

“I find your videos very helpful in educating my athletes to avoid injury”

I am an athletic trainer for a high school. I find your videos very helpful in educating my athletes on proper technique to avoid injury. Thank you.

Miles Kliewer / High School Athletic Trainer | North Carolina, USA

“When I understand concepts better I can explain and teach my players better”

This user-friendly software gave me an interdisciplinary view on human kinetic movement and understanding general anatomy of the human body. Its features of the Muscular Anatomy and Skeletal System makes absorbing the material so much easier because it’s based on cognitive learning. 3D videos for certain exercises give me better understanding of activated and supporting muscles. When I understand concepts better I can explain and teach my players better. And I can always visually show them how this is to be done. We all move, but this software helps us to expand our understanding in kinesiology and body movement.

Goran Jamicic / Field Hockey Coach, Hockey Club Tresnjevka and Assistant Coach of Croatian National Hockey Team | Croatia

“Muscle & Motion Strength Training is an incredible tool”

Muscle & Motion Strength Training is an incredible tool that I find useful on a daily basis! I’ve even pulled it up when I’m working with clients who like to better understand the appropriate form for an exercise. It’s also been useful to explain what’s happening in a client’s body when they are performing an exercise or feeling discomfort. Reading about anatomy and looking at anatomical pictures is one thing, but I find that the simplistic but detailed moving visuals provided within this program is far superior to anything I have used in the past. I’ve also found that the staff are extremely responsive when I’ve had questions. Thank you! I highly recommend your program!

Lisa Buechner / ACE & ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Precision Nutrition and Wellness Coach | Wisconsin, USA

Body Builders, Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts RusselGray

“Muscle & Motion videos and training library are one of the best resources I have found”

As a Masters Physique competitor and student of kinesiology, I find the Muscle & Motion Strength Training software to be an invaluable tool. The 3D videos showing the target muscle group, the synergists and the stabilizers are excellent training tools that allow you to quickly identify the muscle that are being recruited and how to isolate the muscles you want to work on. To build a competitive physique it is imperative to have good symmetry of the body and a deep understanding of how to isolate key muscles. Good form is required in this endeavor and the Muscle & Motion videos and training library are one of the best resources I have found for this. The Muscle & Motion resource has an excellent blend of video and 3D animation that allows you to not only understand but implement, good form in either your own workouts or those of your clients. Combine this with the extensive library of exercise techniques, stretching methods and workout programs and you have a winning combination that will either take you or your clients to the next level. Thank you Amit and Muscle & Motion for the well thought out and detailed resource.

Russell Gray / Master Physique Competitor

Organizations & Institutions

” You have a true gift and are making a real contribution to the world”

I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to praise the work you’re doing on making the videos for Muscle & Motion. You have a true gift and are making a real contribution to the world in terms of health and wellness. Please keep up the incredible work and know you are appreciated. And if there is anything we at Trainerspace can do to help you out on your mission, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cary Reichbach / Vice President, Trainerspace

“I would like to thank you for this wonderful program”

I would like to thank you for this wonderful program. It is truly amazing. I really appreciate everything you have done so far for WBPF USA.

Ellie Arshadi / Vice-president of Research & Business Development and Chief Scientific Officer of Anabolic Steroid & Vasulitis Causes World Bodybuilding And Physique Sports Federation

” Your videos are far superior to anything else we have come across”

Dear Muscle&Motion,
I am a subscriber and have been very happy with your videos.
We are preparing for a TedEx presentation on 25 June and would like to use parts of your videos in our slideshow.
The purpose of our talk is to inspire change in the education system, to introduce a greater appreciation and understanding of the human body. We have sadly found this to be sorely lacking in the course of our work (Myotherapy and Health & Fitness), and it is something we would like to encourage more people to learn about. We have found your animated videos to be far superior to anything else we have come across, and it would be great to be able to use snippets in order to further illustrate our points.
Thank you so much.
Selina Foong / Managing Director, www.bodytech.com.my