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Groundbreaking new premium software in the field of Human Posture.
Muscle&Motion Posture is a new product we are proud to present to you!
This new app focuses on Posture Disorders to aide instructors & therapists dealing in normative or faulty human movement.
Learn to identify typical postural tendencies among your students/trainees/clients, and acquire tools to respond to individual student’s needs.

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Note: Currently, Muscle&Motion POSTURE is available for PC, MAC, iPad and Android Tablet.
Our Phones version (IOS + Android) will be available soon! (without extra cost)


Who It Benefits?

This comprehensive professional software was built especially for teachers, therapists, and instructors of all movement methods who beginning tomorrow would like to integrate the treatment of posture problems such as lordosis, kyphosis, flatback and scoliosis in their work, and add a new dimension to their training.

Therapists and professionals dealing in normative or faulty human movement around the world, including:
• Personal Fitness Trainers & Coaches
• Pilates, Dance & Yoga Instructors
• Orthopedics
• Chiropractors and Physical & Occupational Therapists
• Massage Therapists
• Kinesiology & Anatomy Students
• University & College Professors
• Fitness Enthusiasts

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Postural Disorders

You can identify posture defects among your trainees, and from the very next session, you can begin to treat them.
You can devote a whole lesson to treating posture problems or you can integrate posture exercises in your regular training session as a warmup, as a concluding exercise or as part of the main activity of the session.

What will you be able to learn in the ‘Postural Disorders’ chapter?

  • Principles of therapeutic applications for people with Postural problems and musculoskeletal dysfunction
  • Techniques for comprehensive postural diagnosis and building adapted therapeutic effective exercises.
  • You will learn to identify and diagnose postural problems.
  • Watch in accurate and spectacular 3D as you reveal postural problems that can be corrected through proper therapeutic technique.
  • Gain the ability to identify typical postural tendencies and how to respond to individual student’s needs.
  • You will understand how making a small change in range of motion in one joint can solve a problem in another joint.
  • You will be able to adapt any exercise to any kind of problem.
  • Learn how to instruct students with kyphosis/ lordosis/ flat back/ scoliosis in their practice – modify poses and offer individual guidance.
  • The exercise bank is updated every month!

Postural Disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction.
Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment.

The book “Postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction”  by Dr. Gill Solberg, world-renowned lecturer in the field of human posture, was published by Elsevier and is now being used as an academic textbook all over the world.

The book is 300 pages long with hundreds of very high quality and original visuals (pictures and anatomical figures), and deals with the connection between theoretical and practical aspects of human movement and posture with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity, and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.

Teachers dealing with movement in the various methods (yoga, Feldenkraiz, Pilates, gym work, and more) will also find the book a good source for answers to questions that arise in their work.

The book was received enthusiastically around the world and was published in English, Chinese, and Korean (the app contains only the English version).

See an example of a free full chapter: Postural disorders of the spine: coronal/ frontal plane


Stretching Anatomy Videos

Gain a detailed understanding of exactly how each stretch affects your body with our enhanced video selection.

We added new stretches with an anatomical analysis for each.
In addition to extensive information about each stretch you can also show your clients how you are helping them and overcoming their muscular imbalance.

We give you everything you need to know about every exercise.
You don’t only get a video for each exercise. We also show you what not to do, and lots of small nuances that make a big difference in exercises.


Therapeutic Exercises

Muscle&Motion POSTURE details ways of diagnosing posture and includes therapeutic adapted movement for specific problems.

This unique and professional app contains hundreds of very high quality and original visuals, and deals with the connection between theoretical and practical aspects of human movement and posture with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity, and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.

The information we share with you in this app is of great value.
This is knowledge that has accrued over dozens of years of treatment, experience and continuous learning.
We decided the time had come to share it all with you, to help and assist all those engaged in movement.
Development of this app took years as we transferred the written word to easily understandable video clips.


Postural Tests/Assessments

Imagine how great it would be for you, as a teacher and as an informed person, to have all the tools you need to see inside the movement system, to look under the skin of all your students, directly into their posture patterns, and to provide them with a perfect link to their bodies through your treatment/workout.

Thanks to the highly advanced technology that we use, it is impossible not to understand.
You can observe how muscles work, deepen your understanding of the effects of common posture problems on the human body, and learn how to deal with any obstacle.


3D Anatomy of the Muscular System

The ‘Muscle&Motion – Strength Training app’ contains the entire
‘Muscle&Motion – Anatomy’ app as well as additional chapters!

Watch 2000+ unique videos of all muscles in the human muscular system –  in 3D. This section demonstrates the connection points and movements that every muscle performs in fascinating animations. In addition to viewing each muscle separately, it is possible to see the whole model while removing or returning layers.


3D Anatomy of the Skeletal System

View the skeletal system in 3D, rotate each bone up to 360 degrees and learn all the areas that are located on each bone, including the connection points to the different muscles. It is possible to get to each muscle with a simple click on the connection points


3D Kinesiology

Watch a whole chapter on the movements that every joint performs, including all the muscles that perform each movement, as they work together.

Each movement includes several video segments that present all the muscles from different angles. This will help you truly understand how each joint works.

Core Training Anatomy

All about Core Training.
Watch special videos containing more than one hour of footage!

  • The core muscles and movement
  • What are the core muscles?
  • How are they used in exercise?
  • How can we develop functional control of these muscles?
  • Which exercises can help to improve static and dynamic posture?
  • And more

Over the past fifteen years, the core muscles have received considerable attention, for treatment-rehabilitation and for exercise and training programs.  Effective function of the core muscles is known to help reduce loads from the lower back, improve back stability and facilitate efficient and safe transfers of loads between the upper and the lower bodies.  These muscles have an essential role in keeping the static and dynamic stability of the skeletal system, at rest and in motion.


“I love how easy you make them to understand”

I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and yoga instructor. I love your videos! I love how easy you make them to understand the movements and muscles used in exercises and how to watch for and correct movement. I look forward to continuing my learning through your videos and sharing them with others so they can improve their performance and reduce risk of injury!

Julie Thompson, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Yoga Instructor | Illinois, USA view more


“Muscle and Motion is like a teacher, but only better”

Muscle and Motion is like a teacher, but only better because it explains things the way a teacher can’t. Minimalistic and very simple videos help you have a deeper understanding of human physiology. This piece of software is a MUST-have for any trainer or anyone who works in the medical/sports business. I have learned a huge quantity of information with this software and clarified issues I had regarding particular movements. Thank you Muscle and Motion.

Silviu Cristian, Personal Trainer | Romania view more

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Note: Currently, Muscle&Motion-Posture is available for PC, MAC, Ipad and Android Tablet.
It will also be accessible on your Phone (IOS + Android) until the end of the year 2017 (All this at no extra cost!).

Why does this app cost twice as much as the Strength Training App?

The Posture App contains all of the Anatomy App, a $40 a year value + all the Yoga App, $60 per year + an entire one-of-its-kind book worth $70. And all this is in addition to accompanying video clips on posture problems and treating posture problems.

In addition to all the content already in the app, from the moment you purchase a subscription we work for you, and update the content regularly, without any additional cost to you!
You receive the updates as they come out!

The information we share with you in this app is of great value.
This is knowledge that has accrued over dozens of years of treatment, experience and continuous learning.

We decided the time had come to share it all with you, to help and assist all those engaged in movement.
Development of this app took years as we transferred the written word to easily understandable video clips

Just to give you an idea of the scope, courses that offer only a small part of the information in this app cost much much more than a yearly subscription.

We chose to charge a relatively low price for these advanced materials.
Because we want every professional who engages in movement to be able to afford a subscription and have access to this information.


People often ask us why they have to buy information from us when the internet offers so much information – free?

The answer is simple.
When we talk about content, we are talking about quality material.
More important, this is information that works!!

Our information is concentrated, refined and of the highest quality. It offers a real shortcut for anyone who wants to leap forward and not waste countless hours in endless searches.
Moreover, very few books in the world deal with posture and even fewer of them combine posture with various training techniques and methods.
It is no coincidence that we decided to produce a system that combines the comprehensive best-selling book of Dr. Gill Solberg with interactive material and videos because we know from extensive experience with our students how complex the material is in kinesiology and anatomy.

Learning it through books and pictures is very hard.
Using videos and animations turns learning into another kind of experience.
You cannot teach movement statically and you can’t learn about posture problems only through texts. You have to see with your own eyes what text and pictures can only try to describe.

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About Us:

Amit Gal Alon, Founder & CEO

Amit’s passion for fitness has helped him overcome cancer four times. Click here to read more

Amit Gal Alon is a graduate of the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute. His specialization is the kinesiology and anatomy of the movement system. He also earned a degree in multimedia and visual communications at Tel Aviv University.

“In the last ten years I have devoted my life to developing visual systems in the world of movement. My aim is to create learning tools that will help others to understand human movement. I have always had the desire to introduce the muscles – which we usually know through the books – to others and to give them movement and life. After I released my first software on movement I met an amazing person, Dr. Gill Solberg, who became my teacher and helped me to understand the human body in depth. Together we created an advanced learning tool that is a leader in the world of functional anatomy that underlies yoga.”

Dr. Gill Solberg
‘Muscle&Motion Yoga’ Co-Founder.
‘Muscle&Motion POSTURE’ Co-Founder.

Dr. Gill Solberg, a teacher of movement and of yoga, graduated from the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute with a specialization in posture disorders.

During his advanced studies he specialized in clinical kinesiology and in adapted physical activity for populations with special needs, which was also the subject of his doctoral thesis. Since 1994 he has been a lecturer at several academic institutions in Israel. His main areas of teaching include anatomy of the movement system, kinesiology, diagnosing and treating posture disorders, and identifying psychomotor disorders among populations with special needs. He also conducts a private clinic that offers yoga therapy and adapted activity for movement system and posture disorders. He lectures about rehabilitative movement to therapists in inservice courses. Dr. Solberg has published articles in his areas of specialization and has presented his work at many professional congresses around the world.

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