Watch ‘The Rock’ perform a Super-Set

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one actor that you know has been dominating at the gym. We got to collaborate with him at a Strength Training Session for his awesome movie – Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw.

Check out the anatomy of the muscles used in these strength-training supersets!


What is a super-set?

A super-set is when you perform 2 or more sets of different exercises back to back without a break in between.

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In the first exercise, the target muscle is the pectoralis major.
And the synergist is the anterior deltoid.



In the second exercise, the target muscle is the latissimus dorsi.

And the synergist is the posterior deltoid.



In the third exercise, the target muscle is the pectoralis major (sternal head)

And the synergists are the anterior deltoid and triceps brachii.



In the fourth exercise, the target muscle is the latissimus dorsi.

And the synergists are posterior deltoid, trapezius, and rhomboids.



Pay attention to the dips exercise (third) that ends in a number of reps with an emphasis on ecce­ntric contraction.

These slow eccentric contractions are more challenging then they look, but pushing past that pain and tissue breakdown is what promotes your muscle growth. 

Active muscle lengthening or “eccentric contraction” stresses and thereby strengthens the tendon tissue more than concentric contraction.

Train hard. Stay strong. 


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Target Muscles

+Pectoralis major

+latissimus dorsi

+ pectoralis major (sternal head)

+ Triceps Brachii


+ Anterior deltoid

+ Posterior deltoid

+ Triceps brachii

+ Trapezius

+ Rhomboids


+ Abdominal muscles

+Erector spinae

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