Learn how to perform the Hanging Hip Flexion

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Hanging hip flexion

An exercise intended to strengthen the abdominal muscles and hip flexors (colored red).

The movement consists of two main parts:

     1- The first stage is hip flexion

     2- The second stage is a posterior pelvic tilt with spinal flexion


The main hip flexors are the ILIOPSOAS (in red), They pull the legs up.

The abdominal muscles tilt the pelvis and bend the spine, They are not attached to the legs.

As the legs lift, the abdominal muscles work statically to stabilize the spine, and then dynamically to tilt the pelvis

On lateral-view, one can see a correct movement that combines hip flexion and activation of the abdominal muscles, that allows PPT (Posterior Pelvic Tilt) and spine flexion.


Common Mistake

Hyperextension in the lumbar spine and anterior pelvic tilt, that might put pressure on the back.

The main reasons for the excessive curvature (lordosis) of the lumbar spine, are weak abdominal muscles that cannot tilt the pelvis backward or maybe is just a lack of awareness.


Have a safe and fun workout!


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