How to do push-ups the right way and common mistakes to avoid – Tutorial


Push Ups are one of the most popular strength training exercises. We do them mainly to strengthen the chest and core muscles.


How to do Push-Ups the right way:

1. Position the body in a straight line- With the core fully engaged and the back straight.

2. Flex the elbows

3. Bring the chest to the floor

4. Push yourself back up moving just the arms and keeping the body in a straight line.

5. Always maintain the spinal curves in a neutral position as in standing


It is very important to build up to this exercise and to do it correctly in order to reduce the risk of injury.
What happens when the chest muscles don’t have enough strength?

Or what if we just aren’t quite sure how to do this exercise correctly?

One of the common mistakes trainers make when doing this exercise is that the up and down movement is performed through adduction and abduction of the scapula- or moving the shoulders up and down.

The serratus anterior is the main muscle that abducts the scapula, (in red) and not the pectoral muscles. And the trainer keeps his arms almost straight throughout the movement.

How to solve the problem?

If you don’t have enough muscle strength (yet), position your knees on the floor, instead of your toes.

This reduces the load and enables you to perform the movement correctly. As you progress, you will then be able to perform the exercise with legs straight.

In both variations, be sure to maintain a straight back and neutral curves.

Keep all the core muscles tight as you lift up.

What are some bonus benefits of the push-up exercise?

You don’t need any equipment- just your body
It can be adapted for beginners and still remains a favorite among even the most advanced trainers.
Train and strengthen your whole body and core in one classic exercise.

Keep in mind that it’s better for your body to start slow and work up to exercising the right way, than to do movements that cause injury and don’t strengthen your muscles effectively.


See which Muscles are involved in the Push-Up.

Target Muscle

+Pectoralis Major



+Anterior Deltoid

+Triceps Brachii

+Serratus Anterior


+Biceps Brachii, Short Head


Stabilizers –

+Abdominal Muscles

+Hip Flexors

+Core Muscles


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