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Includes Strength Training Exercises & Stretches
Muscle&Motion’s most popular app contains a very rich, visual, professional, and regularly-updated knowledge base.
It includes: strength & stretching exercises for each muscle in the human body with very detailed and deep visual analysis using 3D animations; musculoskeletal anatomy; and theory on techniques, methods and mechanics related to the movement of the human body.

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New Videos Available (21 August 2017)
We are excited to announce a new update that adds audio to our app!
Moving forward all new videos will include voice-over explanations of the content.
The video archives will be gradually updated with this new feature as well.

– Rotator Cuff Exercises with Mike Boyle!
– ‘Locked Long’ Muscle – Anatomy Trains!
– Eccentric Exercises.
– Active Insufficiency and Strength Training.


New Videos Available (11 July 2017)
– How can we better target the superior portion of the gluteus maximus?

– What is a ‘locked-short’ muscle?

– Length-Tension Relationship

– The side-lying clam exercise


New Videos Available (11 June 2017)
– The Problem With Prolonged Sitting.

– The Single-Dumbbell Overhead Squat
– High Cable Biceps Eccentric Curls


New Videos Available (12 May 2017)
– Active myofascia vs. Inactive myofascia, created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.

– Overhead Exercises and Thoracic Mobility
– Open and Closed Kinetic Chain
– Hip Hike


New Videos Available (16 Apr 2017)

– New and unique video of Forward Head Posture created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.

– Stability Cable Press Progression with Mike Boyle!

– Anatomy Trains – The Lateral Line



New Videos Available (16 March 2017)

A unique cooperation between Mike Boyle and Muscle&Motion brings you unique video content to further your education and understanding of functional training.

More in this update:
– New and unique chapter of ‘Anatomy Trains’ created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.

– Battle Ropes Workout with

– Medicine-Ball Staggered-Stance Chest Throw


New Videos Available (15 Feb 2017) 

– Muscle&Motion Strength Training is proud to release a new and unique chapter of ‘Anatomy Trains’ created as a result of extraordinary cooperation with the author of ‘Anatomy Trains’ – Tom Myers.
Learn now about the Superficial Front Arm Line and the Back Functional Line, the fifth in a series of anatomical trains.

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Musculoskeletal Anatomy Section:


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Are You a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist?

  • With this app you will attract more customers!
  • Be able to explain to your trainees which muscles are strengthened during each exercise. Don’t ask them to imagine it, just show it to them. For this purpose we’ve been working for 15 years on this app.
  • Sharpen professional points using the app.
  • You asked for it and you got it – now you can show your clients the mistakes they are making and what might harm them.
  • Give your trainees the professional knowledge they need in order to understand how the workout benefits them and how professional your team is.
  • Your level of professionalism will be improved greatly, and from our experience – your trainees will feel it! And they will respond – quickly.
  • Bring your iPad/Tablet to the gym/clinic and impress your clients. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Stay up-to-date. We update the exercise bank every month!

Are You a Student?

Learning the musculo-skeletal anatomy and connecting this knowledge to the analysis of strength training exercises has never been more effective or more fun than with ‘Muscle&Motion Strength Training’.

Learn, remember and revise relevant anatomy using a visually memorable 3D representation.

Represent a Gym or Clinic?

Gyms and clinics use ‘Muscle&Motion Strength Training’ by displaying it on a plasma screen. This visual fitness station serves the trainers and the trainees who are interested in in-depth knowledge of what they are doing during their workout.

  • Give your trainers continuing education with regularly updated content.
  • Give them a tool that will make them super professionals with their clients.

Are You a Trainee?

Watch and deeply understand more than 500 strength training exercises and stretches and learn which exercises target which muscles and how to perform each one correctly and safely.

You will also gain accurate and detailed understanding of the anatomy of movement, tips in each exercise, common mistakes which you should avoid, workout methods, workout plans, and everything you need in order to workout properly and become your own trainer.

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GYM / Trainer? Watch this video to find out how you can use Muscle&Motion!

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Muscle and Motion is like a teacher, but only better because it explains things the way a teacher can’t. Minimalistic and very simple videos help you have a deeper understanding of human physiology. This piece of software is a MUST-have for any trainer or anyone who works in the medical/sports business. I have learnt a huge quantity of information with this software and clarified issues I had regarding particular movements. Thank you Muscle and Motion.

Silviu Cristian, Personal Trainer | Romania view more


I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and yoga instructor. I love your videos! I love how easy you make them to understand the movements and muscles used in exercises and how to watch for and correct movement. I look forward to continuing my learning through your videos and sharing them with others so they can improve their performance and reduce risk of injury!

Julie Thompson, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Yoga Instructor | Illinois, USA view more