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תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג EMG amplitude

Does maximizing EMG amplitude mean more muscle growth?

Understanding the intricate connection between muscle excitation and muscle development is vital for achieving peak physical fitness. This journey into muscle science often leads us to consider the remarkable technology known as Electromyography, or EMG. In this Muscle and Motion article, we’ll explore surface EMG and attempt to determine whether it is a reliable indicator […]

pistol squad

Pistol Squat

The challenges of the Pistol Squat and how to deal with them The Pistol Squat is a unique and intricate exercise, distinguished from the Single-Leg Squat by its demands on strength, ankle mobility, and hamstring flexibility. This Muscle and Motion article delves into the proper technique for performing a Pistol Squat, provides an anatomical analysis […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Rotator Cuff-Related Shoulder Pain

Managing Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain

Dealing with rotator cuff-related shoulder pain can be frustrating and debilitating. However, there’s good news for those seeking relief through rehabilitation exercises! In this detailed muscle and motion article, we’ll delve into the anatomy of the rotator cuff, explore the significance of incorporating kinetic chain exercises, and provide you with a range of exercises to […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Full-Body Training Programs

Full-body Training Programs

Full-body Training Programs have gained immense popularity in the fitness world for their efficiency and effectiveness. These programs are typically tailored for beginners and individuals with limited time to dedicate to the gym. A well-structured program of this nature can benefit athletes of all levels. In this Muscle and Motion article, we’ll explore the benefits […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Body Proportion Effect on deadlift

Body Proportion Effect on Deadlift

Have you ever wondered why certain weightlifters appear to thrive in specific exercises while performing averagely in others? The key often lies in their body proportions, significantly influencing their performance.    Regarding the deadlift, your body’s structure and proportions play a pivotal role in determining your starting point and the distribution of leverage on various […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג push up

3 Push Up Exercises with Extra Core

The push-up is a strength exercise for the pecs and the core muscles that activate in order to stabilize the spine and enable a neutral spine position throughout the exercise. But some push-up exercises will pump up your core more than others by changing the body’s direction, disconnecting a limb, working on an unstable surface, […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Supine Bent-leg Raise

Supine Leg Raise

The Supine Leg Raise is a highly effective exercise that targets the abdominal muscles, helping to improve strength and core stability.  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced at the gym, incorporating supine leg raises into your workout routine can yield remarkable results. This  Muscle and Motion article explores the benefits of the Supine Leg Raise, […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Shoulder Press

How to Shoulder Press

How to Shoulder Press form guide: tips for perfect execution The Shoulder Press is a fundamental upper-body exercise that targets the shoulder muscles, helping to build strength and develop a well-rounded shoulder. This comprehensive Muscle and Motion guide offers valuable tips to help you precisely execute the shoulder press while also providing an in-depth analysis […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Hip Hike Exercise

Mastering the Hip Hike Exercise

Are you seeking strong hip abductor muscles and a stable pelvis? Want to avoid knee valgus, ITB syndrome, and hip or lower back problems? The Hip Hike Exercise is a straightforward yet highly beneficial movement when performed correctly. This exercise specifically targets and strengthens the hip abductor muscles. These muscles play a crucial role in […]

תמונה ראשית לעמוד בלוג Slider Lunge

Effective Lunge Variations

The Lunge exercise is a fundamental lower-body movement that targets various muscle groups and is a valuable addition to any workout routine. Lunges engage not only the quadriceps but also the glutes, hamstrings, and more.  In a previous article about how to lunge, we discussed the proper technique for performing lunges and the muscles involved. […]