Typewriter Push-Ups


There are a number of different variations of the push-up exercise.

While the classic one is a great work out, you can take advantage of the variations to spice up your routine and to focus the workout for specific muscles.



To Prepare for the Typewriter Push Up

It is important to progress carefully in your workout routine as you build up to more advanced exercises. Two good moves to master before taking on the typewrite push up, are the classic push up and the archer push up.

In this exercise, the body should move from side-to-side by alternate bending and straightening of the elbows imitating the typewriter.


How to do the typewriter push-up

1- Start in the “up” push up position (straight back and tight core)

2- Start to lower, as if you are going into the down push up position

3- Shift your body to one side, angle the bent elbow down and straighten the opposite arm

4- Then shift your body to the other side, without going back into the up position – again pointing the bent elbow down and straightening the opposite arm.


Important Notes

In the starting position, place hands on the floor wider than shoulder-width, to allow room for the side-to-side movement.

Each side-to-side movement is a rep.

You will need to adjust your hand placement slightly on each rep to accommodate the side-to-side shift.


Which muscles will you work in the typewriter push up?

The target muscle is the pectoralis major in red.


The anterior deltoid assists in horizontal adduction.

The elbow flexors stabilize the elbow and the triceps brachii extends the elbow.


The abdominal muscles together with the deep erector spinae and pelvic floor muscles work cooperatively to stabilize the spine.


Common Mistake

An elbow position at 80 to 100 degrees from the torso can cause both acute & chronic injury to the joints & tissues.

Make sure you keep your bent arm close to the torso within the 10 – 60-degree range.



What’s the difference between the archer push up and the typewriter pushup?

In the “Archer Push Up”, you go down with your weight to one side, and then back up to the middle before going down on the other side.

Whereas in the “Typewriter Push Up” you go down to one side and then shift or slide across to the other side, without coming back up.


In Strength Training, small nuances can make a big difference!

Log in to the Muscle and Motion strength-training app to learn more.

Target Muscles

+ Pectoralis major


+ Triceps Brachii

+ Serratus anterior

+ Anterior deltoid


+ Abdominal muscles

+ Biceps Brachii

+ Brachialis

+ Brachioradialis

+ lliacus

+ Psoas major

+ Spinal Erectors

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