3D Anatomy of the Muscular System

New and Improved Musculoskeletal Anatomy Section.
This video shows you the anatomy and kinesiology chapters that constitute a scientific basis for all knowledge embedded in the software.

‘Muscle & Motion – Strength Training’ contains the entire ‘Muscle & Motion – Anatomy’ as well as additional chapters!


Muscle and motion

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Amit Gal Alon
Amit Gal Alon
Amit recognized early on the power of visual learning and the gap in accessible, accurate, and engaging resources in the field of sports anatomy and biomechanics. This realization sparked the inception of Muscle and Motion, a company that would go on to transform the educational landscape for professionals across the fitness, therapy, and medical sectors. Amit graduate of the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute. His specialization is the kinesiology and anatomy of the movement system. He also earned a degree in multimedia and visual communications at Tel Aviv University.