Bench Dip – Dangerous Zone

Bench Dip – Dangerous Zone

New Videos: Muscle Up Progression, Kettlebell Clean and Jerk and more…

And a few personal words from Amit G. Alon:
“I am often asked why I share so many of the videos for free.
I wanted to share with you my point of view.
Many times when I create a video — I have a strong urge to share it with my audience.
I feel that the value of the video is so strong and that it’s my calling to share the video, here and now.
For example: the video can help prevent injuries or help people really understand what they’re doing in every exercise.

I love to give and I believe that those who connect with the free videos will also want to learn from hundreds of other videos in the app.

So, on that note, here’s another free video that I must share.
If you like this video, please share it with your friends and co-workers.
If this video prevents a future injury, even for one trainee, I’ve done my job.”

With love,
Amit G. Alon


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