Over-Head Squat and More Exercises – Anatomical and Kinesiological Analysis

How to do an over head squat:
Wide grip on the bar.
Bar moves over the middle of the foot.
Keep core engaged to maintain lumbar curve.

Common problem:
Restricted ankle dorsiflexion.

Shoulder pain during pull-ups:
Do you have shoulder or elbow pain during pull ups or lat pull down?

The Kettlebell Swing
Set up like for the deadlift.
Squeeze your glutes to extend your hips and swing the weight up.
Improving power and explosiveness.

Toes to Bar
Variation: Straight legs with slight extension in the shoulder joint.

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Amit Gal Alon
Amit Gal Alon
Amit Gal Alon is a graduate of the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute. His specialization is the kinesiology and anatomy of the movement system. He also earned a degree in multimedia and visual communications at Tel Aviv University.