First Steps in the Gym: A Workout Program for Beginners

Are you currently a member of a gym? Have you recently started taking your training more seriously? That’s great!
So, what’s next? In this
Muscle and Motion article, First Steps in the Gym: A Workout Program for Beginners, we will guide you on taking your first steps toward a more serious and knowledgeable gym workout routine.

Embarking on a gym workout routine can be overwhelming if you lack basic knowledge and understanding of different training programs or need guidance from a fitness coach.

At Muscle and Motion, we have taken on the challenge of providing you with the necessary theoretical background and outlining a comprehensive yet beginner-friendly gym workout plan focused on resistance training. Our goal is to give you a solid foundation, ample room for practice and experimentation, and a better understanding of effective gym workouts. 

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Factors to consider before choosing a training program:

Body area

The muscles of the body are commonly classified into six main groups, ranging from large to small:

  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Posterior arm
  • Anterior arm

Each group consists of multiple individual muscles that can be targeted using different exercise approaches.



Type of exercise

Exercises can be classified as compound or isolation exercises. Compound exercises, such as squats, deadlift, and bench presses, activate multiple muscles and are effective for overall muscle development. On the other hand, isolation exercises, such as biceps curls and chest fly, focus on specific muscles and help target specific areas. Considering these factors can help you choose a training program that aligns with your goals and preferences.

Training method

Various popular training methods are available to accommodate different goals and training frequencies. Our Strength Training App offers a wide range of pre-made training plans you can use immediately. Below is a brief overview of each method, which will help you better understand and choose the one that best aligns with your needs.




  • Full body training

This method is usually suitable for beginners who train 1-2 times weekly. It involves exercises that target all muscle groups in each session, aiming to develop overall strength. 

Priority will usually be given to complex exercises due to time benefit – maximum profit.

  • A/B training

Intermediate-level individuals who train 3-4 times per week can follow this method. In each session, they focus on three different muscle groups. For instance, in Session A, they may work on the legs, chest, and anterior arm, while in Session B, they focus on the back, shoulders, and posterior arm. The objective is to build, strengthen, and hypertrophy the muscles.

  • Split routine A/B/C

 Advanced individuals who train 5-7 times per week and have the capacity to train each muscle group daily can opt for this method. It aims to build, strengthen, and tone the muscles while preparing for competitions.

  • Push-pull training split

A push-pull exercise program alternates between exercises that primarily involve pushing movements (e.g., chest press) and exercises that primarily involve pulling movements (e.g., pull-up), providing balanced and comprehensive full-body training.


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At Muscle and Motion, we believe that knowledge is power, and understanding the ‘why’ behind any exercise is essential for your long-term success.
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Written by Uriah Turkel, Physical Therapist and Content Creator at Muscle and Motion.

Uriah Turkel B.P.T
Uriah Turkel B.P.T
Uriah Turkel B.P.T, graduated from Ariel University School of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Department. Uriah works as a content creator specialist at Muscle and Motion, his areas of expertise are anatomy, kinesiology, sports rehabilitation, gait analysis, rheumatology, and pain neuroscience. During his first degree, he conducted research on treatment methods for chronic ankle instability and the effects of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) on Peroneal Muscle Function in the Neuromuscular & Human Performance Lab. Currently, he is pursuing a Master of Science at the same lab, researching cognitive and gait decline during aging.