Hip Hinge – Exercise Analysis

Hip Hinge – Exercise Analysis

The Hip Hinge is one of the most important exercises for trainees to learn before starting squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings and for general, proper day-to-day movement.

Using a dowel rod and a wall, have the trainee stand a foot’s length from the wall, holding the rod against the body in three points: head, thoracic spine, and sacrum. The goal is to touch the wall with the buttocks while maintaining contact at all times with the three points.

This is a simple exercise but crucial to learning proper technique for weight-training exercises and good physical posture.

I am uploading the following video fully and freely (it is also included in the Muscle&Motion Strength Training app).

Please spread this important bit of information to every trainer and trainee that you may know.

Amit G. Alon