Muscle & Motion Top Exercises Videos

Abdominal Bracing

What Strength Trainers Need For a Better Workout.

Abdominal bracing can strengthen your core, protect your back from injury and give you more power.

Eccentric Training

Benefits of Eccentric Training to Build Strength & How To Do It Right

A faster and more effective exercise to build strength in your biceps

Anatomy of a Squat

See Exactly Which Muscles Are Used, in 3D Animation

Watch as the muscles are added to the skeleton

Grip the Ground for Better Squats

Grip the Ground for Better Squats – And Better Workouts

A stable base will balance the load on all the joints and bones.

Hanging Leg Raises

How to Do a Hanging Leg Raises Correctly – Avoid Common Mistakes

Hanging hip flexion to strengthen the abdominal muscles and hip flexors

Hip Hike Exercise

Benefits for your Hips, Knees, Back & Pelvis

Prevent knee valgus, ITB syndrome, and hip or lower back problems

How to lift light or heavy object safely

Avoid this common mistake to protect your back

Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise To Build Your Shoulders – Benefits, Variations & Anatomy

If you’re looking to build up your shoulders, this is the exercise for you!

Nordic Ham Curl

Best Hamstring Exercise – Nordic Ham Curl to Reduce Risk of Injury

Learn what to do & what NOT to do

Prone Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Build Core Strength & More Benefits

Why should you add Posterior Pelvic Tilt to your workout routine?

T-Bar Row – Common Mistake

Build Your Back Muscles the Right Way

Avoid this common mistake to reduce the risk of back injury

Hip Hinge Exercise

Why It’s Essential For Everyone To Master

Improper form can lead to serious lower back injury!

Typewriter Push-Ups

How-To Video, Benefits & Muscles Worked

Push Up variations spice up your routine & focus the workout for specific muscles

The Wall Walk

Wall Walk Exercise Guide | Benefits, Anatomy & Muscles Worked

Improve stability & balance, strengthen the core and build muscle

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson | Strength Training with Muscle and Motion

Watch The Rock use Super-Sets to optimize his strength training routine

Push-ups the right way

How to do push-ups the right way & common mistakes to avoid – Tutorial

What can you do if your chest muscles don’t have enough strength (yet)?

Archer Push-Up

Guide to Variations & Which Muscles Benefit

Advanced Push-up variation to promote full-body control & stability