Dumbbell Lateral Raise Variations

Dumbbell Lateral Raise Variations

All of the variations of lateral raises known for the purpose of muscle building. Dumbbell lateral raises are an excellent way to build the shoulders. Dumbbells provide constant tension throughout the movement (as long as you don’t pause at the bottom) and can really bring some lactic acid to the shoulders and cause a real […]

Shoulder Abduction: Kinesiology & Anatomy

The muscle motion, kinesiology and anatomy of shoulder abduction. Learn exactly what is happening when the shoulder goes into a process known as shoulder abduction. Learning the correct form of commonly practiced exercises can considerably help you target the muscles that you are trying to focus on as well as prevent injury.  

Deltoid Muscles: Build your Shoulder Muscles

Deltoid Muscles in motion. Learn the anatomy and kinesiology of the deltoid muscles. Understand the full muscular anatomy of the deltoid muscles in action.

Strength Training: Increase your Strength

The anatomy, muscle motions and kinesiology of strength training. Inside this video you can learn about how to test the hip flexors and more specifically the length of the hip flexers as well as the entire muscles, the strength of the hip flexor and more. Learning the correct form of commonly practiced exercises can considerably […]

Side Lateral Raise Anatomy | Crunch Anatomy

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Hip lateral rotators muscles

In our new video you will be able to learn about the assessment of hip flexors length. Thomas Test shows great animation and explanation of new generation learning methods. Here you can find more about anatomy, strength and stretching as regards hip lateral rotator. You can also analyse seated hip horizontal abduction and gluteus maximus […]