Strength Training Exercise Previews – Unique Nuances

Strength Training Exercise Previews – Unique Nuances

Our Strength Training app includes over 400 exercises, including the ones featured below: Squats Narrow-grip push ups Suspended push up and crunch Straps push up Lat pull-downs to the chest Behind the neck barbell shoulder press For full access to over four thousand Muscle&Motion videos, please sign up on our website: www.muscleandmotion.com

How to Do Push Ups: Avoid this Common Mistake (Muscular Anatomy Included)

In this preview video, see what’s going on under the skin in a push up. Learn about the correct way to do a push up and the wrong way.

One-Arm Preacher Curls Analysis, Push up Variations and More

In this preview video, learn about a common mistake in one-arm preacher curls, see different push up variations, watch the cable standing fly exercise, and see a lateral raise.