Suspended Atomic Push-up

Suspended Atomic Push-up

Watch this video to see what an atomic push up looks like under the skin. For full access to over four thousand other Muscle&Motion videos, please sign up for free:    

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Muscle & Motion: 2014 Year in Review – Strength Training, Stretches & Anatomy

An overview of a years worth of the best Strength Training, Stretches & Anatomy video instruction on YouTube. Learn the best muscle strengthening exercises complete with the common mistakes to help you avoid making these all to common muscle building errors. Exercises include strap push-ups, barbell lunges, bodyweight bicep curls, learning the perfect posture, free […]

Push Up Anatomy

Push Up Anatomy See our latest post about Pushups! Benefits, Tutorial & Common Mistake to Avoid     Get an inside view of the anatomy of Strength Training See which Muscles are involved in the Push Up. Target Muscle – +Pectoralis Major   Synergists – +Anterior Deltoid +Triceps Brachii +Serratus Anterior +Coracobrachialis +Biceps Brachii, Short […]