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Bench Press – Anatomical and Kinesiological Analysis

Enjoy this FREE video: Bench Press – Common Mistake. Don’t let your trainee make this mistake! One of the biggest dangers for injuring the lower back. Take care of your own back and of your trainees.  

Strap Push up, Chest Press Common Mistake and more…

New videos from Muscle & Motion Strength Training. Updated 09 July 2015 – Anatomy of Straps Exercises – Chest Press – Dangerous Zone – Kinesiology of Ventilation  

How to Do Push Ups: Avoid this Common Mistake (Muscular Anatomy Included)

In this preview video, see what’s going on under the skin in a push up. Learn about the correct way to do a push up and the wrong way.

How to Do One-Arm Preacher Curls and a Common mistake

In this preview video, learn about the correct way to do one-arm preacher curls and a common mistake.